TW Bosworth Collection: Fox Target 210 S.M.

As part of the Bosworth Blog Series by yours truly, let me introduce you to one of three racquets I am going to showcase:

The Fox Target 210 S.M.

One of the many racquets that we have in our TW Bosworth collection, the Fox Target 210 is pretty cool looking. Designed by Warren Bosworth in the 1990s, this wonderfully pink racquet features a widebody design for increased power and a throat grommet dampening system for enhanced comfort.

One of the interesting things about it is the distinctive decagonal headshape, which was designed to offer an increased sweetspot. I’m loving the style of this racquet as well as the paint job — the classic 1990s cosmetics in metallic black and pink give this racquet a great period look.

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquets

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquets

We measured the specs so you’re able to get a feel for it: the strung stats for this racquet include a weight of 12 ounces, a length of 26.75 inches, a swingweight of 340 (RDC), 3 points head light balance, and and a stiffness of 74 RA. Also, the grip size is 5. All of the racquets we have for sale are unused, but because the racquets were in storage for so long, the grip has disintegrated and will need to be replaced.

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquet cover

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquet cover

The added bonus of this racquet? It comes with a cover, so it completely looks the part, and is ready to string up with your favorite string. Get it out on court and enjoy a little piece of tennis history!



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