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Top 5 items that should be in your tennis bag, but aren’t

Posted on April 10, 2014 in Miscellaneous

Let’s face it, you treat your tennis bag kind of like a mobile locker. Lots of things get thrown in there only to be lost forever. But there are some items that you should really clear some room for. Along with used tennis balls, most tennis players will have the standard equipment in their bags: extra strings, overgrips, dampeners, and a towel. Here are 5 things that you probably don’t have in your bag, but should.

5. Roller Massage
This handy dandy little massage stick really helps with recovery time by stimulating deep muscle tissue.



4. Portable Ice Massager
Great for not just icing injuries, but to keep you cool during a hot day match or relief on your aching muscles. It stays frozen for up to 10 hours!



3. Blister Bands
All that side to side, front to back movement takes a toll on your poor feet. Which means one thing: blisters! We’ve all played with blisters on our feet before and it is no fun. When you need them, and you will at some point, you’ll be glad you had them.




2. Fila Cool Body Sport Towel
We playtesters absolutely love these sport towels! They are really great to have in your bag to bust out on a hot day. It cools you down very quickly. These towel are in a word: refreshing.




1. KT Tape Pro
This product is literally keeping us playtesters together. It’s our glue. Our playtest team has suffered injuries from head to toe and this product has kept us playing through injuries. We have plenty of videos on our youtube page to show you how to tape for the most common tennis injuries.



Is there an unconventional item that you keep in your bag you want to share? Leave us a comment!

Jason, TW


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