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Top 13 Signs You’re A Tennis Player

Posted on September 20, 2013 in Miscellaneous

If you play tennis, and I mean, really play tennis, then at least one of these will apply to you. Comment below on how many you nodded your head at and tell us what other signs that we might’ve missed.

1. Tan lines
Unless you play indoors 365 days a year, you’ve probably rocked some mean tan lines in your day. For us guys, it’s all about the farmers tan and sock tan. You’ve probably gotten the “why are you still wearing your socks?” line thrown your way before. And for the ladies, if you’re anything like our playtesters, then you’ve had the pleasure of modeling the “I wore 4 different sports bras in 1 weekend” tan line.

Andy Murray proudly sporting the farmers tan.

Andy Murray proudly sporting the farmers tan.

2. One arm bigger than the other
One handed backhand, two handed backhand, it doesn’t matter. One will look like Arnold Schwartenager from Terminator and the other arm looks like it belongs to Tom Hanks from Castaway.

3. Unusually large amount of tennis clothes and shoes
Take a look in your closet. Do you have only 2 pairs of jeans but 12 pairs of tennis shorts? How about 5 dresses but enough tank/skirt combos and dresses to outfit the entire WTA? And what about shoes? Does this image look familiar?

Just a portion of the tennis shoes of a TW playtester.

Just a portion of the tennis shoes of a TW playtester.

4. You pay $10/month for the sports package from your cable company but all you really want is the Tennis Channel
Self explanatory. Give me tennis coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 366 on a leap year.

5. Your backpack has a separate section for tennis racquets
Jansport? Under Armor? Nike? Pssh! Us tennis players, we rock backpacks with Wilson, Head, and Babolat logos on them. You never know when you have to carry a racquet AND be mobile.

6. Tennis balls everywhere
It’s like an infestation of tennis balls. And they are all probably flat too. They go where you go; rolling around in the trunk of your car or underneath your car seats. In your home, they’re scattered about in the garage like the tennis balls are playing the ultimate game of hide and go seek. And don’t tell me if you look in your tennis bag right now, you won’t see anywhere between 3-40 tennis balls.

7. Callouses
These are our battle wounds! A boxer wears a black eye with pride and we tennis players should do the same with our callouses.

These are the hands of a

These are the hands of a tennis player.

8. Love the smell and sound of a freshly opened can of balls
There are just certain sounds that make your day. A child’s laughter, waves crashing, bacon crisping up, and the sound of a freshly opened can of balls. Same thing goes with the smell. There’s laundry fresh from the dryer, wood burning in a fireplace, bacon crisping up in a pan and the smell of a freshly opened can of balls. Key takeaway: everyone loves opening up a can of balls and bacon.

9. You practice your strokes with or without a racquet
To the untrained eye, and by “untrained eye”, I mean non-tennis player, you look like you escaped from a pysch ward. But we tennis players see you and know that you’re just working on perfecting that forehand or backhand slice. Take “racquet” back -> accelerate -> snap the wrist -> follow through and boom, that imaginary ball just got ripped down the line for a winner!

10. When someone asks how you deal with tension, you think they’re talking about the strings in your racquet

11. Your email address/username has some tennis reference in it
We see that guilty look on your face. Any of these look familiar to you?

12. “Bagels” & “breadsticks” mean more than just doughy little treats.
True tennis players such as yourself know that when someone says they just handed out a bagel and a breadstick, they mean that they just won a match with the utmost of ease, 6-0, 6-1.

13. You shop at TW
The ultimate equipment website for the players with the ultimate passion for tennis. It’s a match made in heaven.


Any other signs we missed? Tell us in the comment section below!


Jason, TW


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