The Ultimate Tennis Player: Female Edition

A few weeks ago, I got in the lab, put on my lab coat, took out the bunsen burners and created the perfect male tennis player. This week, I’m back with my ultimate female tennis player. She’s got a huge serve, a wicked forehand and wheels for legs. My only restriction was that no one player could be put in more than 2 categories. Without further ado, here she is.

The Ultimate Female Tennis Player


Serve: Serena Williams
Full disclosure: I originally had Sam Stosur here, but after Serena’s performance at Wimbledon, I had no choice but to put her in this category. She hit more aces at Wimbledon than any other player, and that’s for both the women AND men. ‘Nuff said.

Forehand: Kim Clijsters
When it’s on, it’s on! She hits this shot with pace, depth, spin, angle, while on the run, standing still, or doing the splits. What more could you ask for?

Backhand: Victoria Azarenka
This shot is probably the main reason why she’s as successful as she is.

Slice: Roberta Vinci
Well, considering she doesn’t hit a single flat or topspin backhand, her slice better be pretty good to be ranked as high as 18 in the world.

Volley: Cara Black

And perhaps even more impressive, here she is at 16 years old:

Return: Serena Williams
She hits her returns with so much aggression it’s almost angry-like. To add to the intimidation factor, she stands right on the baseline or inside of it. Hit it to her forehand, and this is what happens:

Speed: Caroline Wozniacki
To be a counter-puncher or defensive player is one thing, but to do it at a level where you eventually become the #1 player in the world means you’re getting to a hell of a lot of shots. Agneiska Radwanska would be 1A here.

Heart/Mental Toughness: Maria Sharapova
I was torn on who to pick but Tiffani made a great case for Sharapova. It takes a lot of mental toughness and heart to work your way back from shoulder surgery, to becoming once again, the #1 player in the world (after winning the French Open). It was 3 long years of struggling and rehab before she was fully back to her winning ways. Now that takes some mental fortitude.

Charm: Kim Clijsters
The sweetheart of the WTA tour. Is there anyone that doesn’t like Kim Clijsters?! We’ve had her come sign at our tent at the BNP Paribas Open a few times, and each and every time, she was the perfect role model. She smiled and interacted with all her fans, and even when her time was up and her agent is asking her to go, if there was still a line, she’d go overtime just to make sure everyone got an autograph that wanted one.


Do you agree with my picks? Build your own ultimate tennis player in the comments below.


Jason, TW


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One thought on “The Ultimate Tennis Player: Female Edition

  1. Serve – Serena of course, by a long shot, even without Wimbledon. What is wrong with you.

    Forehand – Oh come on what were you thinking?! Clijsters?! Let’s go with Ana Ivanovic! Her forehand is superior in power, accuracy and consistency! And if we’re saying “when it’s on,” well, Stosur’s is even bigger than Clijsters.

    Backhand – Sharapova’s backhand is better than Vika’s, she can hit it on the run, and generate more power on it off balls with no pace than Vika can.

    Slice – Hello Steffi Graf! Or even Henin! If we’re going with active players only, Radwanska’s slicing abilities are far superior to Vinci’s, as are Stosur, Kvitova and Errani.

    Return – you’re right to go with Serena. Vika and Maria are close behind.

    Speed – I think on raw speed, there’s Venus, Serena, Clijsters and Errani, in that order, are all faster than Caro. Venus is faster still even at her age.

    Mental Toughness – Maria is not a bad choice, but Serena should take this one. In 3 of her 14 majors, she overcame match points. In Wimbledon alone, she has overcome younger, powerful opponents playing superior brands of baseline tennis. Zhie, Shvedova, Azarenka, Kvitova, in a row.

    Charm – Wozniacki, Stosur, Kvitova and Ivanovic are all way more naturally charming! Clijsters is great too, just a little bland. When Serena is in a good mood, she is super charming as well.

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