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The Mystery Around Tommy Haas

Posted on June 30, 2013 in Miscellaneous Tournaments

In my eyes, Tommy Haas is definitely what other people would call an “underachiever.” The talent and feel he has for the game is truly impressive. Unfortunately, until 2012 he was always forced to take time off due to injuries. Besides Christian Groh (who travels a lot with him Tommy) he has also taken Ulf Fischer on board to complete his team. And in 2012 he has hired a physio (Carlos Costa) who travels with him and is following him like his own shadow.


photo by Cynthia Lum

The physical demands that a professional tennis players face in a year traveling full-time are amazing. Switching surfaces, adapting to different conditions, different balls, traveling, 3-set matches, 5-set matches. All these things play a big role on your physical state. The better you take care of your body the easier it is to be able to give your best every single time you step in the court.

There are a couple different attributes that need to be looked at when talking about fitness:

– Strength

– Endurance

– Speed

– Agility

– Flexibility

All the above can be trained and improved with the right plan.

What will keep you injury free?

– a good warm up before

– a good stretching session afterwards

– Rehab: to work on areas where you were injured in the past

– Prehab: looking at ways to avoid getting injured


photo by Cynthia Lum

Physically Tommy Haas has done an unbelievable job! Well done. He has all my respect!

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