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The insanity is spreading

Posted on March 29, 2010 in Miscellaneous Strings

I hit again today with the 10lbs racquet and the 30lbs racquet. I’m really starting to enjoy these low tensions.

I went down to the TW indoor court for the video segment of our Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour review. Danny turns up with his PB10 Mid at 35lbs, Spencer with a Pure Storm Ltd at 30lbs leaving only Jason still stringing at a ‘normal’ tension. After seeing all the spin we were getting, he is restringing his racquet tonight at a low tension.

This was a somewhat cool thing to see happen, yet also frustrating. Here I am, stoked with how much spin I’m getting, then I go and tell everyone about it and now they are getting lots of spin, too. If you missed the brief flash at the end of that last sentence, well, that was the advantage I had found evaporating.

After we finished up the shoe review video shoot, I hit with Spencer for 10-15 minutes and we recorded some footage of me rallying with him with the 10lbs racquet, 30lbs racquet and lastly one strung at my regular 52lbs. We will try to get that ready to post in the next day or so. Spencer and I then went into the studio where we recorded a voice over to go with the footage. Spencer gave me his perspective on the kind of ball I was hitting with each racquet and I followed with my perspective. As you’ll see in the video, I’m able to take a really good cut at the ball with all the racquets and don’t have to worry about my shots flying long.

After hitting today I can report the 10lbs racquet is still vibrating. The TW Prof came by our office and started talking about vibration frequencies. I did my best to remain focused as he started talking about the vibration frequency of string and that of a racquet frame. The gist of what he was saying was that the vibration frequencies maybe close enough at 10lbs that they are exaggerating each other. It certainly feels that way as the feel has more buzz more than usual.

He also wants me to keep going, so tomorrow I will be stringing my racquet with a light hand pull, while mounted to one of our NEOS 1000 stringing machines. He wants me to report how the string plays with hardly any tension at all and only its inherent stiffness. I may have been laughing while we were talking about it, but at this point I’m thinking I might as well keep going.

Tomorrow I’ll be hand pulling a racquet with a very light pull. Back in the days before machines you could ask for a light or tight pull from the stringer. Apparently, stringers would wrap the string around a dowel and pull it to the desired tension. I’ll be embracing technology by using a starting clamp.

If at this point you’re wondering why I’m doing all this, I don’t have a good answer for you. I’m just glad that I took the plunge and tried something different. So far I’ve been having fun at 30lbs and I think I’ll be staying low for some time while I continue to explore what low tensions have to offer.

As you can note from the tensions of Danny and Spencer, my insanity is spreading through TW! Several members of Talk Tennis have chimed in with their experiences at low tensions, are giving it a try or are following the testing of others with great interest. Also, it is great to see some of our Facebook fans giving this a try.

Tune in Tuesday afternoon and I’ll report back on how my racquet plays after lightly hand pulling tension.




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