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The Fila Cool Body Sports Towel – I am a believer

Posted on August 20, 2013 in Health & Nutrition Miscellaneous

FCBST6LFS-1My personal journey with the Fila Cool Body Sport Towel.

I was initially skeptical about the Fila Cool Body Sport Towel (FCBST). On paper it seemed like a Wet Nap on steroids. To be completely frank, I just couldn’t imagine wiping my face, legs, arms, etc., with a big Wet Nap. Then one day a sample pack of FCBST appeared near my desk, arm’s distance. Even then, with it sitting right in front of me, I never considered using it. I was content to let it sit there forever, if that’s what it took. And though I don’t feel the need to defend my initial skepticism, I’ll just add that I grew up with, and felt extremely loyal to the old fashion towels, the ones that feel dingy and sweat-drenched after only a few wipes. Regardless, the FCBST is just not the kind of thing I would use or even consider using.

Fast forward several days. I had just returned from the court, sweaty and uncomfortably hot. I didn’t have time to take a shower, which meant I was going to sit at my desk and suffer. To make matters worse, I think one of my co-workers had turned up the heat, but I couldn’t prove it. Perhaps I was too hot to think straight. Then… out of the corner of my eye I noticed the word “Cool”. And before I knew what was happening, the sample pack of FCBST was in my hand. I pulled back the handy seal and tugged on the top towel until it popped out and unfolded into the size of a large dish towel. The first thing I noticed was how cool it felt. I was flummoxed. It made no sense. I wanted to share my surprise and excitement with my co-workers, but I remained calm. I then proceeded to wipe my face, arms and legs until, miraculously, my body was completely cooled off, with my skin feeling totally refreshed, not greasy. Sweat gone. Body comfortable. That’s all it took. I have since purchased several 6-packs for myself. I not only use them to cool down on the court, but I have taken them on bike rides and hikes. Compared to conventional dry towels, FCBST retains its fresh, cool feel noticeably longer. I cannot imagine how I survived this long without them. I could go on, but if you’re like me, I suspect you just need to try one for yourself.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Will keep you cool during your match

  • Stays cool and damp for hours

  • Made with the finest Italian cloth and natural components

  • Top of the line cleansing and stretch fabric absorb sweat faster

  • Skin cleansing attributes that cool your face and body

  • Infused with Natural Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Panthenol, Menthol

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Paraben free and pH Balanced

  • Six per pack

  • Fragrance Free

  • Cost: $10.99 (and worth every penny!)


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