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The art of the tennis racquet smash

Posted on January 31, 2013 in Miscellaneous Pro Tennis Talk

Tennis is such an emotional sport. More so than any other sport because you’re an island out there on the court. A one-man wolf pack if you will. One can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a matter of minutes. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and you can sometimes only hang on for the ride. As such, anger and frustration is a natural part of the game. It doesn’t matter whether your Roger Federer or Joe Schmo, at some point we’ve all gotten pissed off on court.

And we all handle our frustrations differently. Some people internalize it. Others need to vocalize it. Regardless, there’s a breaking point in all of us. And when this pent up anger builds to this breaking point, it needs to be released. Where can it go? This isn’t basketball or football; you can’t yell at your teammates, and your coach isn’t standing on the sideline to be a human punching bag for you. This isn’t baseball where you can take your bat to an innocent Gatorade cooler. And this surely isn’t hockey where one can actually physically take their anger out on the opponent while the referees watch and the crowd cheers. Sure, one can yell at the commentators (who did deserve it) or scream at the umpire/line judge ala John McEnroe and Serena Williams, respectively. But where can one turn to really rage? I’m talking, let-the-world-know-I’m-pissed-off-and-I’m-turning-green rage. Yea, I’m talking Hulk rage.

So when you’re finally at this apex of anger, this pinnacle of pissyness, this peak of petulance, this vertex of vexation, there is only one thing left to do: and no, it’s not cry. It’s bye-bye racquet.

The list of examples can go on for miles, but the following are the awards for the few chosen ones. Now you might notice that there are different but equally efficient techniques. Some like to do the “one and done” by throwing it into the ground while others like to hold onto it and “hammer the nail” by continuously smashing the racquet into the ground. I personally like it when someone can utterly destroy the racquet by holding onto the racquet and using just one smash. More than three goes at the racquet and it gets a little embarrassing.

Without further ado:

Hall of Fame:

Marat Safin:

Andy Roddick:

Fernando Gonzalez:

Serena Williams:

The 2 for 1: Shanghai Masters 2012

First Djokovic:

Then Murray:

The Delayed Reaction

Agnieszka Radwańska

The Lingering Anger

Marcos Baghadatis

The GOAT Snaps

Roger Federer

The Racquet Hits Back

Mikail Youzhny

What about you? Have you ever destroyed a racquet in the heat of the moment?

Jason, TW


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