Tennis, I think I love you

I’ve noticed my love of tennis has evolved, and I’m wondering if others share my tennis obsession. How many tennis fans stop and watch intently whenever tennis is on TV? I’m not talking about match coverage. Tuning into that is expected, nay required. What I’m talking about are the commercials for deodorant, the reality TV shows, that sort of thing.

I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but I was watching “The Real Housewives of New York,” and the plot line included a heated mixed doubles match. What I find interesting is that I wasn’t watching their strokes or game acuity. What I was interested in was what racquets they were using and what they were wearing. This is the tennis obsession I’m talking about. This need to see what equipment is being used doesn’t stop with TV, no sir, no ma’am. How about in magazines? Yup. Movies? Check. Even on the local public courts. There’s me saying, “Hey, that team is wearing the Nike Border Tank and Border Skort.”

I actually don’t have a problem with this newfound obsession of mine. I figure if someone knows the ERA of every pitcher in the Majors, then I’m OK and within the realm of sane. But what I want to know is, should I be worried or do I have company in my tennis obsession?

Happy hitting, all!


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3 thoughts on “Tennis, I think I love you

  1. Tiffani,

    I’m totally with you there, and I know of at least two other gals that I hit with that are the same way! We can identify an outfit from many courts over!

    It has only been this season that I’ve started checking out racquets and asking about strings, too. I was absolutely tickled when my last singles opponent had the same racquet as me (ktour). And then she used it to beat me! ARGGHHHH!!! ;)

  2. Thanks, John. I am a regular visitor of Tennis Served Fresh, but I’ll check out these others. Thanks again for the tip.

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