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Tanks of the Summer

Posted on September 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous

What?! It’s already the almost the end of September? That can’t be right. Time hasn’t flown by this fast since Michael J. Fox hopped into that car of his back in 1985!

As summer comes closer to an end (and I try to figure out where the time went), it means it’s our last chance to take in some of that prime sunshine and get our tans on before the cooler weather sets in. To help with that, here are some of the most notable tanks of the summer.

Lija Virtual Infinity Tank

Lija Virtual Infinity Tank

The first one to kick off the list is the Lija Women’s Virtual Infinity Tank. If you haven’t had the chance to feel how soft Lija fabric is before, I feel sorry for you. Just kidding, but I do recommend that you run, not walk, to the nearest place that carries Lija apparel so you can feel just how soft the material is. And it goes without saying, with Lija not only does it feel great, it’ll make you look great as well.

Nike Women's Autumn Border Strappy Tank

Next up for the most notable tanks is the Nike Border Strappy Tank. This one cries out, “Turn me into a tan goddess!” The thin T-back spaghetti straps are ideal for getting rid of any embarrassing farmer’s tan you may have. Not to mention this top has a ton of different color options! And by a ton, I mean there are so many different choices that even the most decisive people will experience a hint of panic. Though there’s no need to worry since any color you decide on is a cute choice.

adidas Fall Sequential Tank


We all love tops that make us feel attractive, modern and comfortable. So it’s no surprise when I say that the adidas Women’s Fall Sequential Tank fits in that categroy. It’s fashionable and practical. It’s athletic while stylish. The built-in bra gives you that extra support for high intensity workouts, while the longer, looser fitting torso makes it comfortable to stay relaxed in. Essentially, the adidas Fall Sequential Tank has it all!


For the guys who are looking for a lightweight tank to help them in the tanning department, look no further! The Under Armour Men’s coldblack Sleeveless Top is what you need. Not only will this top make it easier for you to work on browning those arms, its coldblack technology reflects the heat to keep you cool and protected. You could say this top comes with that cherry on top.

Under Armour coldblack Sleeveless Top

It’s no secret Puma makes great quality items and the Puma Men’s Fall Sleeveless Crew is no exception! This edgy top was meant to make your arms shine. The cut of the shoulders are closer to the neck, giving you more range of motion and less room for an embarrassing farmer’s tan.

Puma Fall Sleeveless Crew

So quick! Grab these tanks and get out there and enjoy that warm sunshine before it’s gone!



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