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TGIF – Today’s Good-looking Items (that will no doubt make you) Fashionable

Posted on June 15, 2012 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

I agree, I may have been pushing it a little bit with that acronym… But that was the best I could come up with (if you thought that was bad, you’re lucky I didn’t list any of the other ones). For this installment of TGIF I wanted to showcase the adidas Tennis Trefoil T-Shirt.

adidas Trefoil Tennis Tee
adidas Tennis Trefoil Tees

What does this shirt have to offer you ask? Everything. Well, not quite everything, but close enough; it has comfort, style and versatility. Available for both men and women, it’s one comfy tee that’ll make you look stylish whether you decide to wear it for athletic or casual wear.

Before you disregard it for being just another plain logo t-shirt, go on and take a closer look. Notice anything you didn’t before? That’s right, tennis balls! The classic adidas trefoil logo is made of tennis balls (well done, adidas, well done) adding a bit of craftiness to the design. And not to mention the burst of bright yellow from the logo is enough to make it anything but plain.

Flaunt how good it makes you look on the courts. Show it off at the gym. Wear it when you go to the movies or out to lunch with friends. I love versatile clothes you can wear for different types of occasions, and this is one top that should not be overlooked!

adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack Bag
adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack Bag

And if you’re like me and sometimes suffer from not having enough hands to hold everything, check out the adidas Alliance Sport Sackpack. This bag is a perfect match with the adidas Tennis Trefoil T-shirt if you love coordinating your outfits. Like the shirt, it’s versatile so you can take it everywhere with you to help carry your tennis racquet, gym necessities or everyday items. Pick out your favorite color and free your hands so you can show off the front of your matching adidas Tennis Trefoil T-Shirt!

Oh, and TGIF2! (Yes, “Thank goodness it’s Friday too” instead of another one of my bad acronyms.)



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