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Sneak Peek: Pure Strike 100!

Posted on October 21, 2013 in Miscellaneous Racquets

After giving you guys some info about the new Pure Strike and Pure Strike Tour, here’s a quick sneak peek of the 3rd racquet in this family from Babolat, the Pure Strike 100!


bps5This is the lightest, most forgiving frame in the Strike family. Unlike the Pure Strike and Pure Strike Tour, it comes in at 100 square inches and has a 16×19 string pattern. This racquet has been designed for a wider group of players and will be easier for all levels to pick up and enjoy. Response and precision are definitely present in this forgiving frame.

The Pure Strike 100 offers speed over stability, and has a very crisp, controlled response, so that even players with shorter strokes will enjoy this one. For me, this racquet offers players a bit more power and a livelier feel over the tighter string patterns of the Pure Strikes. Those who don’t need (or don’t want) quite as much control or precision from the 18×20 patterns will enjoy this racquet.
Check out our current specs:

bps6Pure Strike 100:

Headsize: 100 sq. inches
Standard length
Weight: 10.7 oz.
Balance: 5HL
Flex: 65
Swingweight: 301


New Technology:


  • Response Woofer: Babolat adds even more power with the addition of a new material called PEBAX which increases energy return
  • X-Sider: new frame shape which expands the sweetspot by 10% and creates a more forgiving response off-center
  • Stabilizer Technology: A sturdier frame construction adds more torsional stability, keeping the racquet more stable upon impact

For those of you that don’t love the tighter string patterns (I know I’m still working on learning to love them!), but still are looking for a forgiving, precise racquet — start getting excited because you will love this 16×19, 100 square inch Strike!

Play with heart,



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