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Sneak Peek: Prince ESP line of racquets!

Posted on September 19, 2013 in Miscellaneous Racquets

This fall, Prince is introducing seven models with super open string patterns. Using its new Extreme String Pattern technology, or “ESP,” Prince is seizing on the trend toward spin-friendly string patterns. Claiming that this ESP technology will add 30% more spin to your game, Prince is helping players gain a higher net clearance for consistency and heavier shots to penetrate the court with these ESP racquets. The open pattern allows the strings to stretch farther before snapping back with great force and loading the ball with extra RPMs.

This ESP technology is coming to the Warrior, Premier and Tour family of racquets. When I asked Chris what his initial thoughts of the new ESP racquets were, he said, “I think the thing that sets them apart from other spin racquets is that EXO3 and ESP seem to amplify each other. The result is a very soft and forgiving stringbed that is also very lively. Obviously they are very spin-friendly, too, but they can also make even the stiffest poly feel pretty soft and lively.”

Prince Warrior ESPThe Warrior family includes two midplus sticks with a 14×16 string pattern. These are comfortable spin machines with a lively and forgiving feel. Great for intermediate players who want easy access to spin and power. I’ve been playtesting the 100 ESP and have found this racquet to be very easy to use and will definitely appeal to intermediate level players looking to add more spin to their game. The open string pattern makes the sweetspot feel gigantic, and it’s easy to generate power and spin from the baseline with ample access to spin when serving as well. The cosmetics look fresh, and I feel confident saying that this racquet will give you that extra effortless spin you may be looking for to complement your game! Check out the Specs:

warrior esp


Premier ESP

The Premier family includes the 115L, the 105 and the 105L. Each features a 14×16 string pattern and is loaded with comfort, spin and power. Chris has been having some fun with the 115L ESP and commented, “It’s livelier and more spin friendly with more power than the racquet it replaces. A good racquet for a beginner player that can also be utilized and enjoyed by intermediate and advanced players. Check out the Specs:

premier esp specs


prince tour espThe Tour family has two new sticks, the 100T ESP and the Tour 98 ESP. These both feature a 16×16 string pattern with a plush feel and spin-friendly precision. Spencer has been playtesting the 98 ESP a bit and had this to say about it, “A great all around stick that offers a nice balance of being able to generate good racquet head speed while providing good control of my shots… with some noticeable extra spin to boot!” Check out the Specs:

tour specs

We are excited about all of these new frames from Prince and have been busy playtesting them so we can tell you even more about the new ESP technology! Keep an eye out for our video reviews to be up at the beginning of October!

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