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Sneak Peek: New Babolat Pure Control Racquets

Posted on November 8, 2013 in Miscellaneous Racquets

So if you aren’t excited yet about the upcoming Pure Strikes coming early 2014 from Babolat, then listen up, because there’s more coming to you from Babolat in January!

Babolat Pure Control


While the new Pure Strike series is aimed to appeal to players that take the first strike in the point, the new Pure Controls should be attractive to players looking for that traditional, plush feel from their racquet. This racquet has an added response for players looking for the ultimate precision combined with control. The new Pure Control series offers an answer for players with longer, faster swings. This racquet will offer you longer contact time between the ball and racquet leading to the ultimate on court control.

Fans of the Pure Storm series will find this as a natural upgrade. The new Pure Controls play a tad lighter and faster while still managing to offer the same predictability, comfort and accuracy of the Pure Storms. Seasoned topspin players will be able to ratchet up the stroke speed in order to create heavier spin. This racquet will also suit players who play off their opponents power. Look for touring pros Sam Stosur and Ryan Harrison to be making the change to the Pure Controls in 2014.

The new Pure Control also comes with a more flexible feel, a fact not lost on tender tendons and aging elbows. Compared to the Pure Storm, these new sticks are constructed with a lower density of carbon fibers. This enables the frame to absorb more shock on impact while also dampening out some of the hasher vibrations as the new Pure Controls only have 3000 carbon fibers compared to the 6000 carbon fibers that the Pure Storm series was made of.

Check out the specs we currently have:

Pure Control:                                                                    Pure Control Tour:
Head Size: 98 square inches                                              Head Size: 98 square inches
Length: 27″                                                                          Length: 27″
Weight: 10.9 oz                                                                   Weight: 11.8 oz
Flex: 62                                                                                Flex: 63 flex
3 pts HL                                                                               8 points HL
Swingweight:  312                                                               Swingweight: 310
String Pattern: 16×20                                                          String Pattern: 16×20

The technology:

Babolat Pure Control Tour

  • Flex Carbon — the frame is constructed with low density carbon fibers for greater flexibility
  • GT Technology — based on the concentration of Tungsten in strategic areas for better feel and control
  • Woofer System — increases power and comfort
The playtesters have been busy playtesting tons of new racquets that are set to launch in the next few months, so not everyone has had a chance to hit this one just yet. I have spent some time with it and will say at the moment, this racquet is more appealing to me than the Pure Strike. This one has more of a the classic “Babolat” feel to me. There is great directional control but I am still able to hit out and find enough power to put points away. Although, neither of these two new series from Babolat are enough to make me leave my beloved Pure Drive series behind, so, naturally, I am that much more excited for the Pure Drive PLAY! However, I am hoping to get some more feedback from my fellow playtesters soon and will get back to you with that when I have it. Our official review should be out come January 2014 be sure to keep an eye out for that!


Play with heart,
Michelle, TW


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