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Sneak Peek…The New Prince String Line…(WOW!)

Posted on September 27, 2013 in Miscellaneous Strings

Disclaimer: it’s not every day that one of our great American tennis brands revamps its string line. So please forgive us in advance if we seem a little excited.

From comfortable and powerful multifilaments to crisp and spin-friendly co-polys, the 2014 Prince string line has something for everyone. Let’s take a brief tour of their offerings.

The Premier Series – Multifilaments

Prince Premier Series

Prince’s Premier line of strings features three very tendon-friendly multifilaments loaded with pop. Offering three distinct levels of firmness and playability, the Premier line gives the multifilament player the ability to select the one with just the right feel. Premier Touch, the softest of the bunch, features a very innovative ribbon core which is designed to have the responsiveness of natural gut. This new offering comes in three gauges, including 15L(!), which should please anyone who wants a side of durability and directional control with their comfort and power. As with the very unique Isospeed and Head ribbon technology strings, this one has an almost unbelievable level of vibration dampening (which makes it the perfect match for today’s lighter, stiffer frames). Coming in slightly firmer is Premier Power which updates Premier LT and continues to offer exceptional comfort. This update features an army of shock absorbing fibers wrapped in high density nylon filaments for improved durability. Finally, we have the firmest member of the Premier clan, Premier Control. Like the string it replaces, Premier Attack, this one features a stiff tri-core center wrapped in velvety soft nylon filaments. The result is a comfortably firm feel delivering near poly-like control without taxing the tendons like a traditional monofilament.

The Tour Series – Polys

Prince Tour Series

Big hitters fear not, Prince has you covered. It’s called the Tour Series and it is filled with an impressively diverse range of polys. It starts with Tour XP, which updates the very popular Beast XP. This one sports a secret alloy additive designed to offer phenomenal precision, playability and above average pop for a poly. Tour XC is the firmest member of the bunch. This one was developed to give the biggest hitters the needed control for taking MASSIVE cuts at the ball. With Tour XS  Prince gets its spin on. Boasting a triangular geometry loaded with sharp edges, this one grips, grabs, rips and just plain punishes the felt. Topspin players looking for “off the charts” spin should put Tour XS in one of Prince’s new ESP sticks. The combination of a sharply shaped poly with a super open string pattern should be darn near lethal.

Finally, no poly string line is complete without a softer, more elastic option for the player who wants great control without having to trade away too much comfort and touch. For this player Prince offers Tour XT, a co-poly that delivers outstanding control, spin and durability while managing to send less shock to the arm.


Prince Hybrids

For savvy string shoppers who want the best of both worlds Prince is launching three impressive hybrids: Warrior Hybrid Control, Warrior Hybrid Power and Warrior Hybrid Touch. These hybrids combine the precision, durability and spin of the Tour Series with the comfort, power and touch of the Premier Series. The result is an array of options that lets the discerning player pick and choose which features best suit his or her game.

Long live the King – The Classics


Lastly, we should note that the king of best sellers is not dead. Prince Synthetic Gut lives on (Original and Duraflex). Other members of Prince’s classic Series are Lightning XX, a very playable solid core nylon featuring power coils for extra energy return. Prince also keeps its Topspin w/Duraflex in the line. This one is a spin friendly syn gut with a raised ridge for added ball grip and bigger spin. Steroidal gorillas who snap ALU Power in under an hour will be happy to know that the industry’s “go to” Kevlar hybrid, Prince Pro Blend, isn’t going anywhere. Finally, Prince keeps Tournament Poly, one of the best budget polys available.


Tennis Warehouse will be adding Prince’s new strings in the coming weeks, so make sure to check back!

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