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Singles win on Memorial Day

Posted on May 28, 2013 in Miscellaneous Pro Tennis Talk


Another dreary day in Minnesota, so the matches were held indoors. I watched most of the women’s singles final between 2 fantastic 14 year old players. My friend Alexis ended up losing in a close 3rd set and I know she was disappointed, but they both played so well — it was fun to watch. My singles final was next up, and I felt energized and ready to go.

I got off to a good start with good serves and returns, and both of us playing aggressive but with him missing a bit more, I went up 3-0. From there we both were playing first strike tennis with good serves, going after the returns and second balls, and we traded holds until I won the set 6-3. Mid-way through the first set I realized that one of my shoes was worn out enough with a hole under the toe, so I switched shoes and to a tighter strung racquet and was feeling more comfortable out there. However, he continued to hit and serve quite well and I was not able to attack a lot.

At 3-3 in the second set I was able to get my break. The game at 5-3 could have gone either way, but I was able to take that as well to win the set 6-3 and the tournament! My wife was able to film a bit of it, so I have 2 video clips of a few games to share:



I have decided to travel out to San Diego next week for the USTA National Hard court tournament. Looks like It will be a 128 draw and it runs over the entire week. There are some good players in the draw, and I will see if I can find someone to play doubles. This should definitely provide more challenges and test what I can do. I have been playing fairly well since my tournament season began in April, but quite often I have been fairly tight/nervous and making some errors as a result. I will need to relax somehow and I think I can play even better. Should be fun and I will update again when I am out there in a week!



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