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Quick Review: Asics Gel Resolution 4 TW exclusive colorway

Posted on March 12, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

They’re back!  And they are selling like hotcakes, but in this case, these are way better and carb free!  Everyone’s favorite tennis shoes are once again available in bright, bold, eye-catching colors exclusively in stock at Tennis Warehouse, and when they are gone, they are gone!

Asics Gel Resolution 4 TW exclusive color
Asics Gel Resolution 4 TW exclusive color by tennis-warehouse on Polyvore

Of course, I had to buy a pair since I missed out last year when these debuted at Tennis Warehouse.  I’m a sucker for anything bright and bold, and these shoes were just screaming my name.  I bought my first pair of these ‘noosa’ inspired Asics Gel Resolution 4s last week and it has been hard to pry them off my feet.   Not only are these the most colorful tennis shoes I’ve seen on the courts, but they also happen to be some of the most comfortable on the market.

I do want to mention that we have received some feedback on these shoes running a half size big (especially on the men’s side).  I consider my feet pretty normal in all areas, not too wide or narrow, a normal arch, etc. and I bought them in my true size and have no complaints with the fit.  The toe box is a little roomier than other shoes, but it works just fine for me and is just roomy enough to wear around comfortably and tighten up for when on the court.  They hold my feet in perfectly in all the right areas.  They are low to the ground, lightweight, and I feel comfortable moving side to side and up and back in them.  My favorite thing about this shoe is they obviously don’t look like your average tennis shoe.  I can wear these anywhere.  I often swap my tennis shoes for running shoes once I get off the court for comfort (ironically, my running shoes also happen to be bright colored Asics), but with these I find myself wearing them all day long.  I have started to find excuses to wear these even when I’m not playing tennis – pairing them with a pair of jeans or a jean skirt or with workout capris and I am constantly getting compliments on them!

These shoes have quickly made it into my top 3 favorites pairs of tennis shoes.  Now I know what the playtesters were talking about when they said I would love them.  So glad they lived up to their hype.  If you are looking for a great performing and comfortable tennis shoe with a pop of color, these are for you!  And again, these are an exclusive Tennis Warehouse color option (men’s and women’s), so when they are gone, that’s it!  Don’t hesitate, order your pair today!

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