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Quick Review: adidas Basic Training Ultimate Tee

Posted on August 2, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

I’ve just recently changed up my training routine in the gym, which means, I’m on the lookout for new top options that I can wear to work (pre-workout) or shirts for my workouts or shirts to hit the court in OR to throw on after a good sweat session (who knew one girl could have so many wardrobe changes in just one day?!). One would think it isn’t possible to find all of those options in just ONE tee, but I have!

adidas ultimate tee

The adidas Basic Training Ultimate Tee. The name says it all. This tee can be worn for almost everything, and once you get your hands on it, you will want it in every color so you can wear it whenever and where ever!

The first thing you will realize about this tee is how soft it is. The material is made up of 85% polyester and 15% cotton which combines to create the feel of the perfect “worn-in” t-shirt. Next, once you try it on, you will realize how great this tee fits. Since I am on the taller side, I usually like my tops to be long. When I’m in the gym or on the court, it’s an absolute requirement that my shirts are long. I’m not a fan of skin tight tops, and this top fits me just right — it isn’t huge and baggy, but it has a more relaxed fit that won’t leave you tugging at your shirt every time you make a move. On top of the feel and fit, another reason this has become a favorite of mine is because of how well it handles sweat. This shirt wicks moisture well and even better, it dries fast (which is always a plus for me since I end up getting cold after being sweaty)!

Let’s talk color! adidas has done an awesome job of coloring the rainbow in this top and you should be able to find a color that works for you, and if not, grab the white or grey basic options and match it with something colorful on the bottom half of your outfit. And at just $22, this shirt won’t break the bank and you will find an excuse to get every color they make (trust me, I’m quickly acquiring every color of this shirt)!

And here is the main reason why this tee has become one of my favorites. I can throw it in my bag at the beginning of the day and head to work, and it is perfect for any activity I usually find myself doing on a daily basis — whether it is hitting the gym, playing some tennis, or changing after a good session of sweating, this tee fits the bill.

Make sure you guys check out these adi tees, and guys, adidas didn’t forget about you, be sure to check out the men’s Ultimate Crew as well, with the exact same qualities, all in a men’s fit.

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