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Quick Review: adidas Barricade 8 by Stella McCartney

Posted on July 23, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

First things first. Tennis shoes designed by Stella McCartney!

adidas stella barricade 8

I don’t know about you ladies, but I love when a fashion icon steps into the tennis world and puts her mark on things! And Stella is not only designing tennis apparel for adidas, but also shoes. However, I have to be honest, when first seeing pictures of these new Barricade 8s, I wasn’t so sure about them. Then I got my first pair and quickly slipped them on — magically, they looked great on my feet! Then the other colorways slowly crept their way into our warehouse and after seeing the orange and blue colors, I was sold.

I quickly found instant comfort and padding throughout the heel of the shoe, and could really feel the adidas band of power holding my feet in tight. Lacing them up, I would have been happy if adidas added an extra eyelet to the shoe, but after a few hours in these new Barricades, I realized stability would not be an issue for me at all.

These shoes felt light, quick and stable for me right of the bat. I didn’t need any break-in time to enjoy them. Now here is my one issue with this shoe that I want to warn you about. I did experience some rubbing on my right foot at the pinky toe (you can actually see the internal support that, I assume, was the culprit). I thought this would go away with the more hours I spent in these shoes, but after a solid 25+ hours (at least a month of playtesting), I still am having the rubbing issue. However, speaking of a lot of time in these shoes, one of the stand out features would definitely be their durability. I’m seeing slight wear in the soles and toe guard, but again, I have been wearing these shoes non-stop for the last month!

All in all, a fun shoe for the summer. They come with a 6-month warranty on the outsole, which is always a positive for me. The fun colors and stylish touch from Stella makes these Barricades stand out and have quickly become a fashion statement on the courts of TW.

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