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TW Pinterest: A Pintroduction

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Miscellaneous

Allow me to introduce you to Pinterest. Or as I like to call it, get ready to be “Pinaugurated”! Not too long ago TW created their very own pinterest page, and if you have yet to see it I’d recommend you go check it out.

Don’t worry, if you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, I’ll fill you in. It’s essentially a website that allows you to organize all of your bookmarks from other sites. With the help of Pinterest, never again will you forget about a bookmark that got lost somewhere along your bookmark bar. Instead you can categorize your bookmarks (which are called, “pins”) into different folders (which are known as, “boards”). Not to mention Pinterest also integrated a social aspect to their site so you can browse other people’s bookmarks with similar interests. Finding new discoveries of things you love and keeping track of them has never been so easy!


Just in case you need a little bit of convincing before turning into a pinner, I summed up a few reasons why it should be in your best interest to pinterest.


  • Be the first to know about new items at TW:  There’s new product added to TW’s website just about every single day. I’m no mathematician, but I can tell you that’s a large number of product throughout the year. To help keep up with all the new items, everyday we pin the newest apparel and equipment to our Pinterest page so staying updated is a cinch!
  •  Tennis news updates:  It’s not just another social media website, think of it as another source for news. Our board called, “Extra, extra! Read all about it!” features some of the top tennis news stories right as they happen. Stay informed with what’s going on in the world of tennis. Know who beat who for a championship title. Find out which player bought the world’s supply of donkey cheese (yes, that actually happened). People will start coming to you to find out what happened because you’ll always be the first to know!
  • Learn new fitness and training tips:  Get fit faster! We post various tips and tricks so you can add some variety to your daily exercise routine, that way you won’t get bored with doing the same exercises all the time. So watch out people! With these new fitness tips a stronger, faster player is coming soon to a court near you.
  • Win prizes:  From time to time we’ll post contests to give you a chance to win some really great prizes. Do I really need to say anymore?
  • Know when the most recents reviews are posted:  There won’t be any need to ask your tennis coach which racquet or string you should use. Instead you’ll be able to make that decision on your own! Our in-depth reviews help you find the perfect equipment to match your own personal preference and you’ll know once they’re available.
  •  Feed your love of the greatest sport ever!  Follow TW’s pinboard simply because you can’t get enough tennis in your life. If you’ve got a passion for tennis, this is the place where you’ll find everything tennis related.




(I didn’t forget to write the cons. There just aren’t any.)


Pinterest also gives the option of following select boards. That way when you decide you want to follow a user, you can narrow down the items that are posted on your newsfeed. If there’s just one type of board that has all your interest needs, make sure that’s the only board selected.

Now go on and click your way on over to Pinterest and discover all the different pins that tickle your fancy!




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