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Perfect tack with the Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Posted on January 16, 2012 in Miscellaneous

For me, there are a few simple things that really make playing tennis that little bit sweeter — like the sun going behind a cloud on your serve or a net chord in your favor when you’re 15-40 down. Well, here at Tennis Warehouse we think that some of our products really sweeten tennis, to make playing that much more enjoyable (outside the realm of some of larger gear like racquets, bags and shoes). Today I want to share one of my top 10 favorite “little extras”: the Gamma Supreme Overgrip.

Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Supreme Overgrip - Black

I have to say that there is nothing quite like picking up my racquet and feeling tackiness in my palm. Nothing quite like the texture of a grip to make me feel like going out to hit a hundred backhands. I don’t want to have to hold my racquet, I want to be able to place it in my hand and be able to grind some forehands without it slipping or spinning in my grasp. The Supreme Overgrip allows this to happen.

Gamma has truly produced a high quality product. From the first moment I started using these (about four years ago) I haven’t ever wanted to change. I should mention that I am a fan of the tack, which works in correlation with the fact that my hands never sweat. If you’ve had the pleasure of getting a handshake or a high five from me, even in the most pressure-filled or humidity-ridden situations, you will know that I do not have perspiring palms — but here is where the Gamma Supreme excels. Putting my personal preferences aside, the best thing about these overgrips is that, although I personally do not sweat, these grips are really absorbent while still being tacky. If you’re a player who is looking for an overgrip that won’t lose its tack if you do sweat, this is also the overgrip for you. The feel won’t disappear as you play, so with age and (dare I suggest it) dirt, these overgrips will continue to provide you with the grip you need.

I can happily say that the Gamma Supreme Overgrip is perfect for all types of players. I understand the need for Tournagrip (sweaty palms unite), but it’s not for me. The Wilson Pro is also a nice option but has less tack. Gamma Supreme delivers the perfect amount of sweetness with just enough tack for a decent period of time. It allows me to play with my racquet and hit any type of shot without having to worry about holding on.

Gamma Supreme has a high traction polymer coating for that extra grip and tacky feel that I love. It is middle of the range for thickness, so isn’t too thin or too spongy, and caters to every racquet handle length. Durability-wise, this overgrip is more than satisfactory as well, as it lasts way longer than other grips I have used. It comes in a three-grip pack for for $3.95 so it’s also a good price for the quality you’re getting.

In an aesthetic sense, I am also pleased. Gamma offers traditional colors (blue, black and white), but also a grey for the neutral friendly. My favorite would have to be the orange because it looked good with my racquet and gave me a bit of brightness, which I liked. There is also a light pink. This color, like the white grip, can get a bit dirty, although I think that this is really a good indication that it should be changed soon anyway.

Supreme Gamma Overgrip - Orange

Let’s just say if you go out to the courts in SLO this summer, look out for a flash of bright orange that is my Gamma overgrip. I can tell you now the only thing that’ll be slipping on the court while I’m ripping backhands will be my opponents as they run all over the court.

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