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Meet the Playtesters- Behind the Scenes Part 2

Posted on March 27, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Hi Everyone,

In our last behind the scenes section of Meet the Playtesters, we have our video editor/stand in video guy William. William is the head of the video department and likes to stay hidden behind the camera. Let’s take a look at William’s interview where he talks about what it is like to work with the Tennis Warehouse Playtesters.


How long have you been working at Tennis Warehouse?
6 years

What does your job entail?
-Managing the video department for Sports Warehouse.
-Editing all video/motion graphic content for Tennis & Running Warehouse
-Most importantly, cutting the heads off of Gummi Bears for the web editing dept.

What video experience do you have? (education)
-Shooting and editing since 1997
-Let’s just say when I was in school HD wasn’t out yet so my schooling only slightly prepared me.  In this field I learn every day how to do my job.

What is your favorite part about working at Tennis Warehouse?
-I’ve worked a lot of jobs before working here at TW, and it is by far the best run company I’ve ever worked for. I’ve read a lot about our customer service being great, and I think that is a result of the way this place is run. The “higher ups” actually care about you as an employee and treat you as a valuable member. That would be my favorite part.

Who is the playtester that gives you the most trouble and why?
Probably Brittany because I deal with her the most on video projects. She’s always wrong and I have to find new ways of showing her that…Kidding! (Interviewer’s Note: Hey! Not cool! I’m really the best! )

Who is the playtester that is the most efficient and why?
-Chris aka “One Take Wonder.” He’s been on camera since Day One so I would hope he’d be the most efficient.

Who is your favorite playtester?
-The one who gives me the best tennis play, which makes for the easiest time to edit their footage that week.

Who is your favorite pro player on tour right now?
-Kirilenko (Even if she played tennis as badly as I do…I could watch her all day). Creepy? You’re just jealous.

What is a typical playtest like for you?
-When I’m shooting: They seem to make more mistakes just because I’m there and since it’s not scripted it can get messy. Pretty sure it’s a conspiracy.
-When I’m editing: I just love watching the point play footage. There are some great points that I get to analyze.

What has been your favorite roadtrip with Tennis Warehouse?
-French Open 2007 with Edwards shooting for Tecnifibre.  Seems so long ago but we’ll always have Gisela….

What was your favorite project you’ve done with tennis so far?
-Maybe not “project” (singular) but I really enjoyed the early vlogs. We had a lot of fun doing them back in the day because it was really the only video project our department had to do, so we could devote a lot of time to being creative.

What has been your favorite commercial to shoot and why?
-Probably our first commercial with Spencer promoting our demo program. We shot at night, the fog started rolling in (which was perfect) and we shot about 3hrs worth of footage for a 30sec spot. Needless to say, we learned a bit about shooting for commercials.

Any comments on bloopers?
-Never heard so much swearing in my life. I’ll miss Kana.

What is your best memory being a video editor for the TW playtest team?
-We played a joke on one of our old playtesters and edited his part to make him look terrible at tennis. He’d say, “I loved this racquet at net, got great volleys” and we’d show him fail after fail. He was a good sport about it and it’s only encouraged more abuse with other playtesters since. Oh and we never aired that portion of the review, we made him look good for the real one.


I want to thank everyone for reading my Meet the Playtesters series.  I have had a lot of fun interviewing everybody and hope you learned something new about the playtesters.

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