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Matchy matches

Posted on June 5, 2012 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

I should probably start off by saying I am not a psychiatrist. Nor will I ever be. But if I had to give some relationship advice, I would say that one of the keys to avoiding any type of disagreement is to refrain from asking, “What is your stance on [insert issue here]?” Doing so can be very dangerous. You run the risk of having a different view from the person you asked, causing a giant fight between you two, potentially never seeing them again, and them keying your car.

I should probably also say that sometimes I can be a hypocrite. Because I’m curious what your stance is on coordinated outfits for tennis matches. Are you the type of player who matches everything from your clothes to your shoes, whether it’s based on colors or brands? Or are you the player who is indifferent? One who doesn’t really have an opinion on clothing choices; if it’s functional, you’ll wear it.

Even though my family tree indicates I’m mostly German and Greek, I’m convinced I must also have some Swiss in me too – I see both sides to the matter. There are times when I hardly look at my outfit that I’ve picked out. I’ll grab whatever’s closest to me, and as long as it’s clean and doesn’t smell too bad, I’ll wear it. And other times I’ll go through phases where I have a favorite t-shirt or skort that I’ll try to match the rest of my outfit to.

Not to brag or anything… But I’d say my most recent matching phase was Hall-of-Fame worthy. Take a look for yourself. Here’s the recipe for that stylish outfit:

Prep Time: 5 minutes      Serving Size: 1     Calories: -(depends on duration of workout)


Together, the fluorescent bra adds a nice pop of color to the dark tank with the pink to match the brightness of the shorts. But what really seals the deal are the shoes. They’re perfect! Incorporating all the colors together, the black matches the tank, the pink matches the shorts, and the hint of lime green matches the bra. I think the only way I could match the outfit anymore would be to dye my hair in those three colors.

It’s mind-boggling when you think of the endless color combinations you can use to match outfits. Throw in trying to stick to a single brand? Now that gets even more tricky. To help make it a little easier, some brands have what’s called a Basic Collection, which are apparel items that generally consist of black, white or navy – colors that go great with anything. These basic items are perfect for mixing and matching other colored pieces from different collections.

adidas Men's Basic ClimaTech Tee

Wilson Men's Core Basic Woven 10" Short

Wilson Men's Basic Woven Short









Tonic Women's Basic Baseline Tank

Tonic Women's Basic Baseline Tank

Nike Women's Basic Border Skort II

Nike Women's Basic Border Skort II

Though if you’re not the type who matches your brands or colors, that’s OK, too! I agree that everything doesn’t always have to match. Take my causal outfits for example. I don’t match my Levi jean pants with a Levi denim top (though if we were still in the ’90s this might be a different story). It’s great if you show no brand discrimination. Show off as many different trendy companies as you can!

Either way, as long as you’re wearing clothes, I think anything goes.


(Please don’t key my car if you disagree with me.)


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