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Longer tennis skorts, they do exist

Posted on October 16, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

A common request we get is help finding a skort of a certain length. Recently we rolled out the option of shopping by length on our skort page — found only on the Tennis Warehouse women’s site.

I’m sure many of you have noticed that skirts and skorts just keep getting shorter. Not long ago, 12 inches (we measure size smalls) was rare and considered very short. Now 12 inches is the norm. Just because that’s the norm doesn’t mean a lot of women aren’t looking for longer lengths, and lately finding skorts that offer more coverage has been challenging.

Jofit’s Mina Skort is the longest we carry at Tennis Warehouse. It is 18″ long in a size small.

Enter Jofit. The brand’s philosophy is all about fitting and flattering a woman’s body of any size, shape or age. A lot is put into how Jofit garments fit. For example, tops are darted to give the waist shape, and the scooped bottom hem lengthens your leg line to keep your silhouette slim. Jackets also have a two-way zipper to create a narrower waistline.

For bottoms, Jofit offers longer length skorts than today’s norm. The standard Jofit skort measures 14 inches in a size small, and the options range from fashion pieces to your wardrobe essentials. Jofit also makes the longest skort we carry. The Mina Skort, currently only available in the Manhattan Beach Group, measures 18 inches in a small. Look for the Mina in upcoming collections from Jofit for more colors.

The Mina Skort features Jofit’s wide contoured waistband for a smooth, flat fit at the tummy. There are also options for ball storage. Balls can be stored with the built-in short, which also has a longer inseam at 6 inches for comfort and additional coverage, or you can store tennis balls in the side pockets! You did not read that wrong. A skort with functional pockets?! Yes, it can be done! There are pockets on the back, too, for a fashionable touch.

We have a handful of other skorts that are longer than 15 inches, but the Mina is the longest. (Side note: Nike’s High Waisted Skort appears in measurements to be close to the Mina in length at 16 inches, but it sits quite high on the waist so is short and fits more like a 12 to 12.5-inch skort.) Check out all your longer length options here. You can also peruse other skort lengths on that page.

Happy skort hunting!
Tiffani, TW



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