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Letting the cat out of the bag… Puma’s newest apparel items!

Posted on July 20, 2012 in Miscellaneous

It’s no secret Puma produces some great styles to wear both on and off the court. Their most recent women’s collection covers everything from various colors, such as a bright pink to a cool grey, to clothing options for different weather conditions. If you’re looking for a collection with multiple outfits for various occasions, the Puma Fall Group has got you covered.

Puma Women's Fall Cover Up

One noteworthy item that offers both comfort and versatility is the Puma Women’s Fall Cover Up. With a similar style to the Stella McCartney Performance Hoodie, fitting looser at the shoulders and chest, this relaxed top is very, very, (oh why not, I’ll add just one more to get my point across) very comfortable. The long sleeves are great for cooler weather, but it’s also lightweight enough to wear on its own when it’s a little warmer out. Take my word for it, the Fall Cover Up is one casual top that’ll be hard to take off (I’ve been wearing mine for days now).

Puma Women's Fall Capri Pant

A big contender to compete with the Fall Cover Up in this collection’s “Most Comfortable” category is the Fall Capri Pant.  Put them together and they make an unstoppable pair! Perfect for wearing during warm-ups or for a laid-back day around the house, this knit capri pant is the definition of comfort.

Puma Women's Fall Tank

Another item from the group that shouldn’t be overlooked is the Fall Tank. I know, I know. You’re thinking there’s only so many basic tanks that can grab your attention before they all start looking the same. What differentiates this one from the rest is that it fits longer than average; your top riding up and showing skin will be the least of your worries when playing in this tank.  Not to mention its supportive built-in bra and fun contrasting stripe sets this tank apart from the others!

Puma Men's Country Cat T-Shirt

Like Tiffani mentioned in one of her most recent blogs, Puma also released some men’s shirts that feature a few countries’ flag. Talk about a perfect tee to wear for the upcoming Olympics games! (Which I am so excited for! Remember that scene from the movie Elf where Will Ferrell screams, “SANTAAA!!!!!”? I have to do everything in my power to keep from yelling, “OLYMPICS!!!!!” throughout the office everyday. I might scare some people.) These stylish t-shirts will have you looking great while cheering for the home team!



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