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Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution 17 string review

Posted on December 22, 2011 in Miscellaneous Strings

It’s new, it’s blue and it’s at TW, Pro Line Evolution 17 is the latest offering from Kirschbaum.

A pre-stretched co-polymer monofilament string, Pro Line Evolution 17 is high on control, great on spin and maintains tension better than most competing co-polys. That’s great news if you love the control and spin of co-poly strings but aren’t a string breaker. Most co-polys lose too much tension to be playable much longer than two weeks. With Pro Line Evolution 17, we’ve found the string to last much longer.

You can expect a firmer feel right off the stringing machine because of that pre-stretching, and we actually like to drop the tension a few pounds compared to most co-polys from other brands. If you are familiar with Kirschbaum strings or are coming from another Kirschbaum string, then string up normally.

We’ve been hitting this string a lot here at TW recently. It is currently our go-to string when we are racquet testing. Here’s what our playtesters had to say after hitting Pro Line Evolution 17 in a multitude of different racquets:

Chris — “I really like this string. It offers more pop than say Kirschbaum Competition and better comfort, yet it still has the crisp feel I love and expect in a Kirschbaum string. The thin 17 gauge makes it spin-friendly and especially helps in a racquet with a tight string pattern. I’ve found it to last well, both for durability and tension. I usually go a couple of pounds under mid tension, but can also go way lower with this string and not lose control. I’ve not found a racquet yet that it doesn’t look good in. I guess it’s like blue overgrip, it goes with everything.”

Brittany — “For me, Pro Line Evolution provided a good combination of power and spin. I found easy access to spin when strung in a full bed and found it played best a couple days after it was strung. When wanting just a touch more power, hybriding it with a multi provided the extra punch I needed.”

Spencer — “On the first hit it feels a little stiff. I like it after it has been in the racquet a day or so. It is a precision-oriented string with good control. Once the string has set over the first day or so, I like the tension maintenance and I think it offers a very consistent response.”

Jason — “First, the color is dy-no-mite! It looks great in just about every racquet we’ve strung it up in. As far as playability, I felt like it plays pretty firm, even for a 17 gauge string. I definitely liked it more after the string was able to sit in the racquet for a few days. It seems to me that it plays a bit crisper than the Pro Line II. Spin? Pretty good, and I like that. I think this could be a great string for players who like to hybrid.”

Tiffani — “Like other Kirschbaum polys, I think this one plays on the firm side. As someone who prefers hybrid setups or full multi string setups, this was a hard transition for me to play in a full stringbed. There is more control with this string than my usual choices, though.”


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