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Just Me and My Backpack

Posted on February 20, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Often tennis translates into real life, and brands create products that we can use off the court, too. I’ve always been a sucker for a cool backpack, especially something I could use for school, take to work, on a hike… I’m not elitist. If I have a bag, it’s getting used for everything. The convenience of piling everything in and just tossing it on your back is second to none, and since I’m more the sporty type, I have always preferred a backpack over something like a purse.

Backpacks have the ability to be extremely functional, as well as looking great, but I often find that some brands miss the point with backpacks. I don’t want something huge! It’s bulky, and I’ll look silly carrying it. With that in mind, I want lots of space and organization. It needs to have a decent number of compartments to separate my things. I don’t want my cell phone and iPod in with my gear because they’ll get scratched up. The list goes on: comfortable to carry, not an odd shape, not too obnoxious looking, doesn’t get dirty easily, doesn’t rip or get broken when I’m rough with it. I’m happy to say that Prince hit the nail on the head with the Prince Carbon Backpack Bag.

Prince Carbon Back Pack

Prince Carbon Backpack

For a backpack within a size range that I enjoy, this Prince bag isn’t lacking on functional pockets. It was created for tennis, so there is a pocket for racquets, which obviously can be but doesn’t have to be used for that function. There are other various pockets that range in size, some smaller accessory pockets as well as a pocket for a laptop. I like that there’s just plenty of space, and the backpack secures everything in the right places (check out the pictures on our site to see all its functions).

Prince Carbon Back Pack interior

Prince Carbon Backpack interior

It’s slick looking! It is so classic and the material changes textures. I particularly love the black, so fresh and clean, and the Prince green on the logo, zippers and inside lining makes a really nice contrast. It’s such a fresh looking bag that fits in anywhere because of the classic color scheme. Want something that blends in, but gets noticed because it looks awesome? Try the Carbon Backpack.

Prince Carbon Back Pack side

Prince Carbon Backpack side

The Prince Carbon Backpack is really comfortable to carry because it’s so padded on both the back and the backpack straps. Move between court and life with ease, and enjoy a great looking bag that you can take anywhere.




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