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Posted on June 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

Tsonga rocking the adidoes tee

Tsonga rocking the ADI DOES. tee

I’m not usually a fan of the print graphic tees, but every once in a while I eat my words. Or wear them. Hold her back, the jokes are out of control. But really, I think this goes with the theme. You need a bit of an attitude to wear these bold statement t-shirts and you need attitude to beat your opponents – and there’s nothing like giving yourself an edge with your on-court demeanor.

Nike Men’s You’ve Been Served T-Shirt is the shirt for a boss. I love this shirt (there is a women’s version too), because the message is simple. You’re going to dominate and work your hardest out on court because, in this tee, hard work is expected. You’ve been served.

Nike Men's You've Been Served T-Shirt

Nike Men's You've Been Served T-Shirt

The adidas Men’s Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt comes in two colors and brings the heat. The screen prints on the chest and left sleeve project confidence, and it fits comfortably. ADI does. Do you? Yes. Just say yes. Also, check out the pics we have of Tsonga (see above) and Murray rocking this shirt at practice.

adidas Men's Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt

adidas Men's Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt

Check out the rest of our teeshirt collection here and keep an eye out for more print tees.






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