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Attention, ladies! Sports bra guide

Posted on February 26, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

Sorry guys, here comes the girl talk.

Any female athlete out there knows that finding a supportive sports bra to sweat in is half the battle! With female active wear gaining more attention and spotlight lately, there are more options than ever.

Sports Bra Options
Sports Bra Options by tennis-warehouse 

The key to a successful sports bra includes support and comfort with an added bonus for looking great! Some bras hold you in well, but are suffocating, and unless you are in the craziest of shape and have NO body fat, you have the always hated issue of “back fat” (yep, I said it and I know you ladies know what I’m talking about!). Then there are those bras that fit great, but have no support.  So I decided to go on a scavenger hunt through the Tennis Warehouse website and try on as many sports bras as I could.  I found some great options that will fit all your needs from practicing and playing matches on the court, to weight training in the gym, and post-workout wear. Since I’ve had some requests to do some investigating for us ladies that are a little more endowed in this area than others, and yes, I seem to fit that bill and need that extra support when I’m on the court, so check out some of my findings.

I’m a long time Nike sports bra wearer, not because it’s necessarily the best option, but because I really enjoy the simplicity, compression and fit that they offer with their Nike Pro Bra. They are usually super supportive without being too snug. So it was a no-brainer for me to take a look at the Nike Livestrong Pro Bra. Identical to the Pro Bras, this is an even better option as it supports a good cause while supporting you. For me, this is the perfect go-to sports bra to train and play in. It’s simple, it won’t give you much shape or anything to enhance your figure, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to, it holds you in and offers great support.

adidas Spring Supernova Bra

Next up I tried the 

Adidas Spring Supernova Bra

. I loved the comfort and fit of this one. It features a crisscross back which gives it more support right off the bat. I found the fit to be flawless, I didn’t have any issues with back or front spillage. It wasn’t too revealing but was still cute to wear. And I love the color options. Featuring the signature ClimaCool technology from adidas, this bra will keep you cool and dry on and off the court. I found it to have medium to high support and good coverage toward the top without revealing too much, I felt really comfortable wearing it on the court and will add this as a go-to for court time and training.

Tennis Sports Bras

The Lija Women’s Crush Ultimate T-Back Bra was another option I tried. Offering medium support it fits really well and is fashion forward featuring ruching at the bust, bright color options, and a T-back strap. For me, this type of sports bra would be ideal for a weight lifting session or post-tennis. There just isn’t enough support to wear it on the court or for a run. In the same vein, I would also put the Tonic Women’s Spring Advantage bra in this category as well. It fits great and is made of really comfortable material featuring removable cups and racerback straps. However, this bra only offers medium to low support and just doesn’t cut it on the court.

The last bra I tried was the Under Armour Women’s Endure bra. These are unique and offer not only a size option but also a cup option so they are fitted for you more like the traditional bra. They feature a criss-cross back and ample support. Personally, I just didn’t feel like this bra fit me at all well and wouldn’t be something I’d be comfortable in despite the support. But, I do think it is a great option for players looking for something a bit more traditional in terms of shape and fit.

I hope that helps you ladies out there find the appropriate sports bra to fit your tennis and athletic needs!  Guys, we’re done, you can come back now!

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