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HelixTech Fabric: Athletic DNA’s High Performance Technology

Posted on December 5, 2013 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel


In order to reach our highest level of tennis, we work hard for it. We somehow make time in our busy schedules to squeeze in a match. We play even if the conditions are unbearable outside, whether it be freezing or boiling. We play a few minutes longer, though we know it’ll make our bodies ache that much more tomorrow. We go through all these things to be the best we can be on the court, so why should we wear clothes that don’t match up to our level of performance?

Well, it’s time to meet your match. Allow me to introduce to you HelixTech, a fabric that performs as hard as you. It’s Athletic DNA’s latest technology and is featured in the new apparel collections.

Need a bit of convincing that a fabric can work at the same level you do? Here, take a look at the qualities that make HelixTech one high performance fabric.

Athletic DNA Women's Winter Graphic Spirit Tank

Athletic DNA Women’s Winter Graphic Spirit Tank

Athletic DNA Men's Black Ops Match Crew

Athletic DNA Black Ops Match Crew










Moisture Wicking Management: Sponges are for cleaning, not for wearing as clothes. So say goodbye to fabric that seems to absorb every single bead of sweat you perspire and say hello to HelixTech. It wicks away moisture from your body allowing it to evaporate rather than sit on the surface of your skin.

UV Protection: One of the reasons you work so hard on the court is to feel healthy, right? Well with HelixTech’s UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays, you’ll keep your skin healthy along with the rest of your body.

Anti-Microbial Features: No matter how hard you work, feel fresh and comfortable at all times with HelixTech. The anti-microbial fabric fights bacteria so you feel refreshed even after the toughest of workouts.

Ultra Lightweight, Stretch Fabric: You already train hard enough, the last thing you want to do is put any extra effort in your movement. Instead move with full range of motion and in a state of total comfort with the softness and stretchiness of HelixTech. Take my word for it, this fabric will do anything but slow you down.


It’s safe to say HelixTech is not just a fabric, it’s an aid to help you reach your highest level of performance. And want to know the best part? The apparel looks great, too. No matter which piece you choose, look your best while performing at your best.





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