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adidas miCoach Speed Cell

Posted on May 7, 2012 in Miscellaneous

As far back as I can remember, it seems like technology and sports have gone hand and hand. Gatorade helped us hydrate properly. Radar guns helped us quantify our shots. Instant replay helped us make the correct calls. Heart rate monitors helped us track our health.  Short of becoming an actual bionic person, people will continually innovate and do whatever it takes to be better, faster, stronger.

But what about a technology that was designed to help out tennis players? This is where adidas comes in. With their innovative miCoach Speed Cell, we now have ways to track our performance out on a tennis court. Things like max speed, average speed and total distance traveled. You might ask, “But don’t we already have GPS watches that do the same thing?” Good question. The Speed Cell does all those things, but then it leaves those GPS devices in its dust. It can track things such as: total rallies, max rally length, distance traveled during a rally and max rally speed.* And that’s just scratching the surface. This small device attaches to any shoe and wirelessly transmits your information to your iphone/ipod or computer.

*A rally is started every time you move from a stationary position.

Screen shot of the miCoach website from my hit with fellow playtester, Carol

I’ve had a chance to try out this device and I immediately noticed how easy it was to use and setup. My adidas Barricade 7’s already had a built in area for the Speed Cell just underneath the insole of the left shoe. Once I had it in there, there was no button for me to turn on or off. I simply just had to go out and play; it would do the rest automatically. Once back for my hit or workout, I went to the adidas MiCoach Manager program on my computer or iPod I downloaded earlier and it was able to wirelessly sync up and pull the information from my Speed Cell. Once it synched up, I was able to see my results. And with the micoach website, I can even pick a training plan where I can work on my cardio or on strength and conditioning.

With this new training device, I can not only track my workouts off the court but for the first time, on the court as well.

See what adidas players Fernando Verdasco and Jack Sock think about this new training device. CLICK TO PLAY

Jason, TW


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