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adidas brings back the Barricade V tennis shoe

Posted on January 14, 2014 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

If you are a longtime tennis player, like myself, when you hear the word “barricade” you instantly think of a very stable adidas tennis shoe…or is that just me?! Launching in the year 2000, adidas has created a legacy in the Barricade line of shoes for being one of the top tennis shoes for aggressive tennis players of all ages.

AWB5CBP-1My first run in with the Barricade line takes me back to my college tennis days. Back in 2001, our team was sponsored by adidas, and our shoe of choice (along with several other teams across the country) was the Barricade. The ideal shoe for a college team, our Barricades held up great with the 20-hour practice weeks and tournaments and matches every weekend — not to mention they were easy to move in, yet provided the ultimate support and stability.

Since the Barricade line has been introduced, there have been 8 separate models of Barricades, all with slightly different elements, but all offering an excellent level of lateral support, stability and durability. The Barricade is quite possibly the ultimate hard court shoe and the ideal choice for aggressive players who tend to put a lot of abuse on their tennis shoes. Through the years and all the models of Barricades (1-8), I’ve come to realize that people have strong favorites and reminisce over certain models that they have worn in their life. If you ever come across a player that spent some time in a Barricade, they can usually remember the time in their life that they wore the shoe and start in on their glory days. Which brings me to my point. This year, adidas has decided to bring back one of the most popular Barricades in the history of the shoe — the Barricade V.

AMB5CBW-1Possibly the most popular iteration ever, this fifth generation Barricade offers the signature support, stability and durability that the Barricade line is known for making them the ideal shoe for tennis players who put the utmost pounding on their shoes. A combination of adidas’ Torsion System and lateral Stability Claws helps lock in the foot for maximum protection. They also provide exceptional comfort and cushioning for those long, demanding matches. In addition, the outsole is backed by a six-month durability guarantee.

So whether you are trying a pair for the first time or reliving past victories, you’ll be stepping into one of the most popular performance tennis shoes every time you lace up your Barricade Vs!

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