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8 Signs You’re a Rafael Nadal Fan

Posted on June 28, 2013 in Miscellaneous


Rafa fans know this forehand well

Rafa fans know this forehand well

#1. You don’t like Roger…
But more specifically, you don’t like his fans. Why would you? They certainly don’t like you and your lefty Mallorcan. They say that Federer plays tennis how tennis should be played; with grace, a one handed backhand and a sub 100 square inch head sized racquet. They are quick to point out that Rafa plays tennis like a brut. He muscles the ball, stomps instead of glides, counter-punches, a pusher, a one trick pony. He’s winning because of his equipment; with strings that help produce so much spin it should be illegal. You don’t like Roger’s fans because they’re snobby fans that look down on you. Which is why…..

#2. Your favorite major is the French.
This is Rafa’s house! When your favorite player has lost a total of 1 time there in the last 9 years, it’s understandable, almost expected. Yes, one loss. 9 years. Mind blown. Can you recall a player more dominant in any sport than Rafa is on clay? And if #1 on this list applies to you, then you’ll happily point out that Rafa has bageled Roger in the finals of Roland Garros.

#3. You own at least one Nike Rafa apparel item.
The bull logo lets the world know, “I’m a Rafa fan and I want to shout it from the mountain tops!” Most likely it’s a hat or a shirt. But perhaps you own an entire ensemble. Like the one pictured below. Although if you wore all that, I’d be slightly concerned.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 1.50.00 PM

#4. In GOAT arguments, you point to the 20-10 winning record Rafa has over Federer.
Ahh yes, the ultimate argument against Federer’s title as, Greatest of All Time. I bet the words, “How can he be the greatest of all time if he’s not even the greatest of his own era” have left your lips once or twice. Federer’s losing record against Nadal is like the proverbial ace up the sleeves for Nadal fans. Add to that, Nadal’s 8-2 record in Grand Slam events and now you got yourself a debate.

Rafa fans love seeing this.

Rafa fans love seeing this.

#5. You don’t speak Spanish, but you find yourself constantly screaming “Vamos!”
You might use it while only watching Nadal on TV or you might even bust it out in your own tennis match. Just like Rafa! The “Vamos!” bug can strike at any time, anywhere, in any situation. There is currently no known cure for Nadal fans and this Vamositis.

#6. You feel bad for David Ferrer.
He’s the 2nd or 3rd best clay courter of his generation and the 2nd best Spanish player. He epitomizes hard work and maxing out potential, a true model of consistency, and yet, he stands in the large, looming shadow of Rafael Nadal. Nadal has won 9 in a row and 16 of last 17 matches against Ferrer.

Rafa owns a 20-4 record against his fellow Spaniard.

Rafa owns a 20-4 record against his fellow Spaniard.

#7. You find your shorts getting shorter and shorter.
First, it was the famous, or infamous pirate shorts. Then he moved on to the standard 10” shorts. And now, the 8” shorts. Who’s ready for Nadal to bring back the 80’s short shorts look? When Nadal does, we all know you’ll be!

#8. PED talk? What PED talk?!
Conspiracy theorists (*cough* Andy *cough*) will say that Nadal’s 7 month layoff was actually a drug suspension. But because Nadal is a high profile player, the ATP or even the King of Spain kept it under wraps. But true Nadal fans know, for a fact, that Rafa was really suffering from knee tendonitis and he needed the time off to rehab.

That tape around his left knee isn't there just for looks.

That tape around his left knee isn’t just for looks.


Now you don’t necessarily need to go 8 for 8 to be considered a true Nadal fan, but you definitely have probably met some of the criteria.

Are there other obvious signs that I missed? What are they? Add your thoughts in the ‘comments’ section below!

Jason, TW


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