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Shotgun 15 — TW Tournament: Spencer vs. Karly

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Meet the Playtesters

Spencer vs. Karly


My equipment:

karlyA few days before the tournament started I had just finished up a racquet review for the Babolat Pure Control 95. It was a racquet I really liked and since I was used to playing with it, I decided to use it for the tournament. Though I was a little worried that the Pure Control 95 was too low-powered so I decided to play with the extended version instead, the Pure Control 95+ with Volkl Cylcone 16 strung at 57lbs. Both racquets are extremely similar in specs, with the biggest differences being the extra half inch length and slightly higher stiffness rating for the plus version, which made it easier to generate more power. As for the rest of my equipment, I wore the KSwiss Ultra Express shoes because of how lightweight and comfortable they feel. They are one of the softest and fastest shoes I’ve tried, so it wasn’t a hard decision to make when it make to picking a shoe to wear for the 15 point game. I also taped up my knee with Muscle Aid Tape to help relieve some pain from Runner’s Knee.

When it came to my strategy for the tournament, I figured if Spencer and I were to get into long rallies, he had the better chance of winning the point since he’s more consistent than me. So instead of trying to outlast Spencer, I decided to swing aggressively and go for bigger shots. He’s also known to put some nasty slice on the ball every once in a while, so I wanted to put the ball away faster before he had a chance to hit a tricky shot.

413B4455 copyWilson Blade 98S, weighted up to 11.7 oz, 6pts head light and a 318 swingweight. Strung with Lux ALU 15 at 50 lbs. Shoes for this Shotgun would be the Asics Solution Speed 2, adidas Barricade Crew socks. My strategy was simple. To any opponent, I will do anything within the rules to annoy them. If a drop shot feed is within the rules, then yeah, let’s give it a go. I’m also good at giving my opponents no rhythm. Brad Gilbert is someone I would model my game after. The well timed shank winners also tend to put my opponents in a great mood. Have you ever hit a full swing overhead for a drop shot winner? Didn’t think so. I have. It takes a bit of skill to hit the ball at the tip of the racquet to produce the backspin required for such a shot. No, I didn’t do it in this Shotgun tournament, but just the fact that I’m capable offers plenty of intimidation.


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