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Shotgun 15 — TW Tournament: Semis Spencer vs. Chris

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Meet the Playtesters

Spencer vs. Chris


413B4456 copyWilson Blade 98S, weighted up to 11.7 oz, 6pts head light and a 318 swingweight. Strung with Lux ALU 15 at 50 lbs. Shoes for this Shotgun would be the Asics Solution Speed 2adidas Barricade Crew socks.

My strategy was simple. To any opponent, I will do anything within the rules to annoy them. If a drop shot feed is within the rules, then yeah, let’s give it a go. I’m also good at giving my opponents no rhythm. Brad Gilbert is someone I would model my game after. The well timed shank winners also tend to put my opponents in a great mood. Have you ever hit a full swing overhead for a drop shot winner? Didn’t think so. I have. It takes a bit of skill to hit the ball at the tip of the racquet to produce the backspin required for such a shot. No, I didn’t do it in this Shotgun tournament, but just the fact that I’m capable offers plenty of intimidation.


413B4452 copyI used the Wilson Six.One 95S. It was strung at 57 lbs with a prototype co-poly. I played in the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed. Right arm taped for golfer’s elbow with KT tape. And as usual, two-pairs of socks.
Since I can’t serve and volley in Shotgun 15 (sad face) my tactic was to not miss. I played defensively throughout and picked my moments of attack carefully. I tried to move my opponents by hitting to safe targets and used high percentage plays when attacking. When defending, I tried to keep my slice low off the backhand to force my opponents to have to lift the ball up over the net and hopefully force them either to use less pace or miss. On my forehand I tried to use depth and placement to prevent my opponents from attacking.


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