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Shotgun 15 — TW Tournament: Semis Andy vs. Brittany

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Meet the Playtesters

Andy vs. Brittany


413B4492 copyFor the tournament, I was using my Wilson Blade 98 18×20 with Luxilon ALU Power Spin strung at 53 lbs. The Blade provides me with a perfect blend of modern power and forgiveness with traditional precision and feel. ALU Spin gives me the ultimate in responsiveness for a polyester string with the sharp edges to bite the ball and boost my spin potential.
I was wearing Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 shoes because it’s my favorite match day shoe.  They are super lightweight, fast-feeling and comfortable with plenty of support and stability. The slightly slicker outsole allows me to aggressively slide on hard courts easily.
As for strategy, I like to keep it simple. I just wanted to play solid and smart and find the cross-court patterns that suit me best as quickly as possible.


My next opponent was Andy, who I have been playing with for over five years. We have very similar game styles and both really love our backhands. From playing in the past, I know at times I tried to go for too much too early and end up missing before the point really develops. My goal was to be a little more consistent and wait for my opportunities. If I could get a rally with Andy going on the backhand side, I was trying to wait for my opportunity to change directions and go down the line to his forehand. While I didn’t play my absolute best and was hitting a little short at times, I still felt happy with how I played.

413B4473 copyI have officially switched and am using to the Yonex EZONE Ai 100. After a couple months of going back and forth between a couple racquets, last week I made my official decision to switch. I have always loved the feel of Yonex racquets and combined with extra stability and control, I felt really comfortable going for my shots. I strung up the racquet with my current favorite strings, Volkl Cyclone 16 for some extra spin. I normally use Wilson Pro Overgrips but have been trying out the Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation in black which is a little bit thinner. For my shoes I was rocking the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV in the fun black/carrot colorway. This comfortable shoe is quick feeling on the court and has great traction. Also, the shoe comes with two lace colors and since I couldn’t pick which one I liked better I ended up used both (one for each shoe). For apparel, I was wearing a loose fitting Nike tank top and Nike team skort.


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