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Shotgun 15 — TW Tournament: Michelle vs. Chris

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Meet the Playtesters

Michelle vs. Chris


413B4482 copyLet’s start with my equipment. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use my customized Pure Drive Roddick or the Head Graphene Radical Pro. It was a game time decision and I went with the tried and true PDR — specced to 12.6 ounces, 336 swingweight. Strung with Lux ALU Power 15 that initially was 58 lbs but has been sitting in the racquet for a while. Not my string of choice, but sometimes you just gotta play with what’s in your racquet…should I mention now that there is a sign above my desk that says “It’s not the string or the racquet…it’s the player.” (haha, says who?!). Anyway, Wilson Advantage overgrip to complete the package.

I threw on my “One Hot Drop Shot” Nike Hot Shot Racer Tank because I knew I would be playing either Troy or Chris…meaning they would want to drop shot me to death and I was ready for it! Aside from that, I love these Nike tanks because of how lightweight and soft they are, plus a little sassy-ness on the court always works for me! I paired it with a Nike skort and a Nike bandana and my Nike Lunar Ballistecs to keep me quick on my feet and ready to run around the court.

Let’s be real, no matter who I face, I’m going to have success on the court if my winners out number my errors; and if I have more errors than winners, well…the result is probably a loss. I try to always keep my strategy focused on me and my game for a few reasons, but mainly because I try to control what I can, which is everything on my side of the net. Chris knows how to slice and dice my game apart and I knew I had to be executing my shots to have the edge. Taking serves and returns away weren’t exactly something I got excited about since I tend to set myself up for a one-two combo off the serve or return. With that being said, I wish I would have been a bit more mentally tough and consistent to earn the short ball, but I felt Chris played well, kept me deep in the court and had some great shots and never really gave me too many good looks at balls to put away. And I can’t wait for a rematch!


413B4451I used the Wilson Six.One 95S. It was strung at 57 lbs with a prototype co-poly. I played in the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed. Right arm taped for golfer’s elbow with KT tape. And as usual, two-pairs of socks.

Since I can’t serve and volley in Shotgun 15 (sad face) my tactic was to not miss. I played defensively throughout and picked my moments of attack carefully. I tried to move my opponents by hitting to safe targets and used high percentage plays when attacking. When defending, I tried to keep my slice low off the backhand to force my opponents to have to lift the ball up over the net and hopefully force them either to use less pace or miss. On my forehand I tried to use depth and placement to prevent my opponents from attacking.


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