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Meet the Playtesters: Sebastian Hafner

Posted on April 2, 2015 in Meet the Playtesters

With a new year comes new playtesters! If you haven’t noticed on some of our more recent racquet and shoe reviews, Sebastian Hafner has joined our playtesting team in January 2015. He played college tennis at Fresno State and then transferred to Rollins College in Florida. Sebastian is currently in our Web Editing department helping create content for Tennis Warehouse and Tennis Warehouse Europe. Sebastian grew up and played junior tennis in Germany.

How long have you been a playtester: 2015

Racquet of Choice: Wilson Blade 98 16×19

String of Choice: Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17

Shoe of Choice: Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Apparel of Choice: Travis Mathew

When/Why did you start playing tennis?
I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. Back then I played soccer as well; however I quickly decided to focus on tennis because I felt an individual sport was a better fit for me.

What is your favorite shot to hit and why?
My serve because it’s the only shot my opponent has no influence on.

What racquets have you used (not tested) during your tennis career?
I grew up playing with several versions of the Wilson Blade 98 16×19. I also played with Babolat Pure Drive in college for 2 years.

If you could compare your game style to a pro’s (past or present), who would it be and why?
Gilles Simon because he plays flat like me and counterattacks a lot of his opponents with his patience and physical strength.

What has been your favorite match you have ever watched (live or on TV)?
Verdasco vs. Nadal at the Australian Open semi-final in 2009 because it was an amazing match and I love the Australian Open.

Do you have any superstitions before playing a match?
Usually I try to be alone at least 30 minutes before playing a competitive match to focus and get ready for the match.

Do you have pre-match meals you like to eat before a tournament?

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened while you were playing tennis?
One day I played a match and my opponent got disqualified because he pulled down his tennis shorts after a long rally so that he was only wearing his boxers. A supervisor who was around saw it and immediately disqualified him. Definitely the funniest thing ever happened to me playing tennis.

Have you had any injuries? For how long? How did you deal with them?
I had several wrist injuries during my time in college. I learned to be patient and take each day at a time.

What is your favorite part of being a TW playtester?
Being surrounded by a fun team and being able to see and test the newest products on the market.

Do you have any nicknames from the TW playtest squad?

Thanks for reading this installment of Meet the Playtesters!  I will be back the next time with one more new TW Playtester.

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