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Keeping Up With the Playtesters…Winter Olympics Edition

Posted on February 14, 2014 in Meet the Playtesters

Here at Tennis Warehouse we are anxiously counting down the days until the BNP Paribas tournament in Indian Wells! So to pass the time until then, we are keeping tabs on the ATP and WTA tournaments going on, but have also found ourselves fixated on the Winter Olympics around here! You may have heard the shriek from our office that we let out when we watched Shaun White’s two runs in the Half Pipe the other day! Not to mention, we have all been rocking some red, white and blue apparel and are learning about new athletes, not to mention we are intrigued by the winter sports and determined to try and perfect them ourselves.

So I asked some of my fellow playtesters 3 questions about this year’s Winter Olympics:

  • Favorite Winter Olympic Sport to watch?
  • Favorite Olympic Athlete?
  • If you could compete in any winter sport, what would it be?

Check out their answers and be sure to check out some of our patriotic gear!



  • Curling
  • Shaun White (ummm, because he’s a badass?!)
  • Bobsledding (Cool Runnings was a big influence on my childhood)


  • The most nerve racking and exciting sport for me to watch is alpine skiing.  The course itself is insane and the skiers are traveling and jumping at ridiculous speeds.  I am always amazed how the athletes make it through the courses in one piece as they always look like they are out of control and close to crashing.
  • My favorite athlete is Brittany Bowe. Now most people have never heard of Brittany Bowe but she is a first time Olympian competing in speed skating. What is so remarkable about her is that she only took up the sport four years ago when watching the previous Olympics. Bowe has a shot of gold this year and has plans to be professional basketball player and  play in the WNBA when she done.  What a great athlete! My second would be Canadian snowboarder, Alex Bilodeau, who dedicated his gold medal to his brother with cerebral palsy. It is such a heart warming and inspiring story.
  • This is easy for me. Curling, for sure! This sport is very intriguing. Plus I feel like it is a life size version of shuffle board. I think I would want to be the curler, the person who releases the stone. I also love the strategy involved as well as the yelling.
  • Downhill and/or Luge
  • Jesse Owens
  • Ski Jumping – closest thing to flying
  • The Alpine Skiing Events, especially the downhill/ Super G
  • If I name one person, then I am leaving out so many other high level performances, however Bob Beaman’s long jump, in the 1968 Olympics, that eclipsed the previous record by two feet, sticks out in my mind for lots of reasons. It was done at 8,000 feet above sea level, but it still changed everyone’s perspective.
  • Downhill skier!
  • I am loving the Slopestyle stuff! Snowboard and Skiing! I first fell for slopestyle while watching the snowboarding, but then I watched the skiing slopestyle…crazy awesome! And to see the Americans take home so many medals in these events makes it just that much more enjoyable.
  • So many amazing athletes to choose from! I have a slight crush on Charlie White (real men ice dance! Plus, I respect him so much for how much hard work he has invested into being at the top of his sport with Meryl Davis, and they skate so beautifully together)! I also absolutely love Joss Christensen. Let’s face it, I fall in love with almost every Olympic athlete when I hear their stories. So inspiring and amazingly awesome!
  • Ok, we’ve already come up with the next USA Curling “Dream Team” at TW…get ready…Brittany, Carol and I are determined to get to the Winter Olympics in 2018 — Carol and I are on the “broom” while Brittany will be our “thrower.” Watch out world! But, I also have a hidden talent, when I was 8, I was a pretty legit downhill skier…winning a race or two of my own! Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to the slopes since…but I think I’d like to give it a go.
  • Tough one! There are a lot of fun ones to watch: short track speed skating, luge, ski slopstyle…
  • Winter or Summer? For a Winter Olympian, I like Kristi Yamaguchi. Her skating was inspiring. For Summer, it’s gymnast Kristie Phillips. I was a gymnast back in the ’80s, and I wanted to have her strength, especially on the beam (one of my favorite and best events). If you’re not sure who she is, google “Kristie Phillips reverse planche” and be prepared to be amazed.
  • Biathlon. Those seem like good survival skills to have.


  • This is such a tough question to answer! But I think I have it narrowed down to 2 events. Downhill skiing – for the insane speeds and you never quite know if they’re on the brink of crashing or medaling. The other would be Curling – finally, an Olympic event where I feel like I can be an Olympian in. Plus, it’s a “sport” that I think would be even better with some adult beverages.
  • If we’re talking favorite Olympic athlete from either the Summer or Winter games, then it’s quite easy for me. Michael Jeffery Jordan. The GOAT. And as a 1A, Michael Phelps. I saw him compete in person and it blew my mind how much better he was than every other person. Bode Miller would be my pick for favorite Winter athlete. He’s just like his sport: riding the fine line between catastrophe and glory.
  • See my answer to #1. I feel like my shuffleboard skills would translate well to curling. Plus, who wouldn’t want to rock those killer uniforms?


  • Downhill skiing
  • Favorite olympic athlete – Bruce Jenner – I mean, what guy wouldn’t have wanted to be him in 1976? A world record setting, gold medaling decathlete? No brainer.
  • Curling – Easy on the joints, training is too intense, and I enjoy a good sweep now and again.


  •  Figure Skating. Ice dancing. Blazes of glory. Whatever you want to call it, I love it!
  • Easy. Michelle Kwan.
  • Skeleton, because I don’t have the guts to do anything else!


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