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Keeping Up with the Playtesters…round 3!

Posted on August 7, 2013 in Meet the Playtesters

This week I wanted to know what items the playtesters have been favoring over the summer months. If you have a question you want answered by the playtesters, be sure to email us and let us know what you would ask the playtesters! (feedbacktw@tennis-warehouse.com)

TW Playtester Favorites - Summer Edition

Check out what our TW Playtesters had to say when asked,

What is your favorite tennis related item or accessory this summer? Chris: “Sunblock is the new must have for me.”

Mark: “The Pro-Tec Roller Massage has helped keep my legs healthy (the IT band on the lateral side of my thighs gets pretty sore/inflamed) and the Pro-Tec Roller smoothes out the bumps, allowing for a quicker/more thorough recovery. The only aspect that equals its simplicity, is its effectiveness.

Granville: “Forten overgrips.”

Brittany: “TW Trucker Hat! Not only does it feature my favorite place to shop for tennis gear but also provides protection from the sun. I like how I can wear it in a match and then wear it casually after.”

Andy: “Nike Dri-Fit Elite socks…very comfortable and supportive, not too thick, and a big selection of colors!”

Tiffani: “Hello Kitty dampeners?! Yes, please. Easy excuse is that I have a 2-year-old daughter. Truth, though, is that I have loved all things Hello Kitty since childhood.

Jason: “Pocket Radar. I just love seeing how fast (or slow) I am hitting. It’s also cool to secretly find out how fast your opponents are serving too. Nothing wrong with a little private detective work.

Karly: “I can’t get enough of these  Nike hairbands! Not only do they keep my hair out of my eyes, they’re fun to mix and match with outfits.”

Spencer: “Wilson Advantage Overgrip. During cooler conditions I prefer the Pro Overgrip, but when the moisture is up, the heat is on, and the sweat is flowing, the Advantage Overgrip keeps the racquet in my hand!”

Troy: “Tourna Grip Original XXL Overgrip.  When playing tournaments during the summer heat, there’s no overgrip better for absorbing sweat!”

and Michelle: “KT Tape! I have a history of wrist issues and feel more confident on the court when I tape my wrists up. This summer I’ve been playing tennis, softball and dabbling in crossfit, so I’ve had a few reasons to tape up and protect my wrists. Love the colors that KT offers. I’ve actually been known to match my KT Tape to what I’m wearing…gotta have fun with it, right?!”

If you have a question you want the playtesters to answer, email us: feedbacktw@tennis-warehouse.com

Play with heart,

Michelle, TW


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