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Keeping Up With The Playtesters…

Posted on September 18, 2013 in Meet the Playtesters

It is playtest season here at Tennis Warehouse! Which means we are furiously playtesting new racquets daily! Which brings about this week’s question for my fellow playtesters,

“If you can’t use your ‘go-to’ racquet of choice, what racquet will you use?”

Here’s how they answered…

Granville: “Volkl C-10 Pro (just might be time). Currently playing with the Wilson 6.1 18×20.”

Chris: “Snauwaert Brian Gottfried Wood racquet from our Bosworth Collection. Wood is good! (currently using the Volkl C-10 Pro)”

Jason: “Currently I play with the Steam 99S, but if I can’t play with that, my go-to racquet would be…something I’m currently playtesting that I can’t talk about yet…shhhh!”

Karly: “Wilson BLX Six.One Team, because it’s a lighter weight racquet that offers decent control and great feel. My current racquet is the Volkl Organix 10 Mid.”

Mark: “The Yonex V-Core 97 (310 gram version) — I play with a modified Wilson 99S, which has a wide open string pattern, in modified form, provides me with some strategy options that I can’t access with any other frame I have played with.”

Tiffani: “Racquet of choice is the Pure Drive with my back up being the Organix V1 Pro.”

Andy: “If I can’t use my Blade 98 18×20, I’m going with the Babolat AeroPro Drive.”

Brittany: “Babolat Pure Drive — This is always a racquet I can fall back on. I have a history with this racquet (used it back in high school) and can always pick it up and play great tennis when needed!”

Spencer: “If I am not playing with my Steam 99 S, I am playing with the Yonex VCore XI 98.

Troy: “If I can’t play with my Wilson BLX Six.One 95 (18×20), then I would go with the Head Microgel Radical MP with a pack of lead tape slapped on it!”

and Michelle: “Wait, I can’t play with a Pure Drive?! Does a Pure Drive Roddick count?! I know I would NEVER show up to the court without a Pure Drive, but if a freak accident like that did happen my go-to would be the Dunlop F5.0 Tour. That racquet is a lot of fun for me to swing with from the baseline!”
So, what is your backup racquet of choice? And what do you want to ask the playtesters?
Play with heart,


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