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Living the Dream

Posted on October 12, 2010 in Collegiate Tennis

Hi! I am the newest addition to the Tennis Warehouse team. My name is Suzie and I just graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Communications. I was looking through the blogs and read Brittany’s about her first week at TW and I wanted to copy her and make one too. In fact, Brittany and I have done everything together for the past two years (including being doubles partners, team captains, teammates, and great friends at Cal Poly) and now I am looking forward to being “newbies” and coworkers together at TW.

My life has revolved around tennis and sports. Both of my parents were professional tennis players from the Czech Republic. My dad’s best win was against Ivan Lendl, and my mom’s was against Jana Novotná, My sister Cat never got into tennis, but she is an avid runner. She even works marketing for Adidas. It seems like I have pretty big shoes to fill, but I am not complaining!

My family supporting me at my last college match

In fact, I believe I have been living the dream this past year. I finished my senior year at Cal Poly making it into the NCAA doubles championship tournament with Brittany in Athens, Georgia and had a top doubles ranking of 22 in the country. We even defeated the # 1 team and NCAA champions from Stanford, who ended up playing in the U.S. Open this year. After school ended, I played professional money tournaments with another blogger Andy (AG) through the Pacific Northwest, where I traveled and played tournaments with all of my best tennis friends. I even triple crowned my favorite tournament (which means I won the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events) in my hometown, Tacoma, Washington. The best part of it was I could keep all the prize money because I was done with college tennis and not an amateur anymore. Let’s just say I went on the biggest shopping spree and hit up all my favorite stores! However, at the end of summer I had a tough decision to make: what should I do with my future?

Myself, Andy, and Brit at NCAA's in Athens

I was offered the assistant coaching job for the Cal Poly women’s tennis program, but I was hesitant because I really wanted to work at Tennis Warehouse and begin my career as well. The heads at TW and the head coach at Cal Poly met with me and we made the best compromise, I would be able to do both. I am still not sure how I am doing two jobs (an assistant coach at a Division I University as well as the Information Product Coordinator at TW) but I am managing thanks to the generosity of the TW staff and my head coach.

Here’s a schedule of my hectic day: I wake up at 6:00am and get to Cal Poly at 6:30. For an hour, I condition the girls who failed our fitness test, so I put them through a vigorous cardio work out. At 7:30 I begin an hour individual practice with two players and myself. From 8:30 – 10:30 we have team practice, where all ten players compete, train, and get ready for our upcoming season. At 10:30 we head to the gym and either lift or do conditioning. By 11:30, I head into the office and plan tomorrow’s practice with our head coach. At 12:00pm, I shower, eat lunch, and drive to TW. From 1:00 to 6:00, I work at TW. My job as the Information Product Coordinator consists of sharing my product knowledge and educating our employees through clinics. I also get to play-test and wear new products. I never realized how much there is to know about tennis, including all the different types of racquets, new technology, strings, and the upcoming products. By the time 6:30pm comes along, I am wiped out. I head home and am in bed at about 9:00pm. Soon I wake up and start my busy day all over again!

Part of my job description is to explain the products to our employees at Tennis Warehouse. I have decided that whenever I run a clinic for our employees, I will write a blog and tell all of you about the products as well. This way you will see what the TW employees are learning about and get a better overview of some pretty cool products. I should have my second blog out soon and I am excited to teach you about some products.

Living the Dream,


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