Weekly Challenge: 30 minutes of Serve Practice

No matter your level, there’s a good chance you are always looking to improve. With that being said, I wanted to start a weekly challenge for anyone out there ready to add a weekly challenge to help improve your game.

So let’s start with something easy.

Spend 30 minutes working on your serve this week.

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TW Tennis Tips: Play Stoplight Tennis!

Strategy and tactics are such crucial elements of tennis. You could have better strokes, better fitness and better equipment than your opponent, but choosing the right shot to hit at the right time is more important if you want to win matches.

“Stoplight” Tennis is a simple and easy concept to help your on-court strategy and shot selection. Your court positioning should dictate what shot to hit, so keep this basic strategy in mind for your next match and you’ll surprise yourself with how many more points you win.

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Gotta Want It – Season 4

This season of Gotta Want It features Siobhan and I’s training and preparation for the mixed doubles in the Open division at the Santa Maria Open. With Chris as our coach and Brittany as a hitting partner, each episode features different drills and point play that helped sharpen our skills for the tournament.  The season finale shows actual match footage from the tournament with pre and post-match interviews.  Click on the images to view each episode.

Thanks for following us all season!  We had a great time filming and preparing, and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

Andy G.


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TW for days: All you need for a good training session

Let’s be real. It’s not always easy to look cute when I play tennis. I mean, I try… (And by always I mean, probably 90% sweaty and disheveled, 10% decent). General accomplishment of looking cute is severely reduced over the period through which I’m playing. This can be explained via an exponential curve that has direct correlation to the amount I’m running, the humidity levels at the courts and the amount of effort I put into applying any makeup that day. A hair brush is an optional addition that increases appearance in a positive manner by 11.352%.

Karly and I hitting outdoors together

Like I said, I would love to look like a babe while I play, but sometimes it’s just easier to accept life, get the right gear on so I’m athletic and comfortable, and let my tennis do the talking. Yesterday while filming a new “Gotta Want It: Season 4″ (check out previous seasons here), I realized I was actually head to toe decked out in products I found at TW (CLICK HERE for this new episode). Why? Well, this is my official announcement: I practice what I preach. Why? Because TW has everything I need to compete and train. Why? Because my gear is important in shaping the kind of athlete I want to be. No more questions.

The Nike Women’s Fall Tri Blend Tank is my favorite top right now. It is so light, it’s not too clingy and it has plenty of room to move. The color’s called Gridiron Heather, which is a complicated name for purpley-grey. Yes, people, I will simplify for you. What about it?! This tank was actually purchased to add to my babe factor after a combined questioning about my clothing choice of potato sack tees and my desire to survive sweating to death in the hot weather. Perfection! (Say that in a French accent and you’ll understand the mood I am trying to portray). I paired it with the Nike Women’s Basic Tie Break Knit Short. They have matching black spandex underneath and I just like how comfortable, sporty and functional they are. I would possibly call these my most favorite shorts of all time. OF ALL TIME, ma cheri!!

Accessories for days. First off the adidas ForMotion Tennis No-Show 2-Pack Socks. I’m not going to pretend I bought these for the technology, but as it turns out, the technology is why I love them. Comfy and cushioned (important for me), and they keep my feet cool. Love ‘em. I’m still a big fan of the Asics Gel Resolution 4 hence why you’ll see me wearing them. We have a review on them from a while ago, and as time passes I just like them more and more. On my noggin I had the Nike Women’s Fall Featherlight Visor in Volt. This is, as some may say, my statement piece. The pinnacle of my ensemble. The icing on the cake. Ok I’ll stop. But it’s volt: loud, and awesome. Plus, keep an eye out for me wearing the Nike Swoosh Wristband in Atomic Green. They are currently on pre-sale and, like the visor, I just really like how they are so functional yet add some attitude to everything.

Gears. I am absolutely loving the Yonex EZONE Xi racquet right now. Instead of me blabbing away about it, check out the comments that Britt and I had on it when we playtested it recently.  I think I will be playing, excuse me, beating opponents with it in the upcoming Santa Maria Volkswagen Open. I currently have NRG2 string in it at 55lbs. We are currently playtesting this string so stay tuned for that review, too, but it’s a really comfortable multifilament. And, last but not least is the Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated in hot, hot, hot pink. It just adds some a bit of sass to my racquet, and it keeps its tack for a decent period of time.

That’s enough Siobhan for the week.


Gotta Want It- Season 3

This season of Gotta Want It followed my last two weeks of training for the BNP Paribas Open Pre-Qualifier tournament.  With Chris as my coach and hitting partner, each episode in Season 3 focuses on different singles and  point play drills to help me prepare for the competition.  The last episode features my results in the tournament.  Click on the images to view the video.

Thanks for all your support!  I had a lot of fun and get ready for Season 4!

Ad Out,


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Gotta Want It – Season 2

Spencer and Chris paired up in the first season showing you some doubles drills. This season, Jason and I took a crack at singles. With Chris as our coach, we showcase a few singles drills in Season 2 of Gotta Want It. Click on the images to view the video.

Thanks for all the support! It was fun and we hope you look forward to Season 3!

Peace Sign,

Episode 1

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 5

Shoe review: Nike Air Max Mirabella II

Air Max Mirabella II

Air Max Mirabella II

Earlier this year we tested the Nike Lunar Speed 2, a super lightweight shoe that is intended for speed on the court. On the flip side, the Air Max Mirabella II is built for the power player. Perhaps this is why Serena Williams makes this her on-court shoe.

The fit: Slipping this on, the fit difference between the Lunar Speed 2 and the Air Max Mirabella II is immediately noticeable. While, the Lunar Speed 2 sports a glove-like fit, the Mirabella II has a generous medium fit in the forefoot, making it comfortable for those with medium to slightly wide feet. Having a wide forefoot, I found this to be the most comfortable Nike I’ve worn to date. What I noticed most, however, was the depth of the toe box. There’s plenty of wiggle room for your toes, so the Mirabella II is a nice option who those like the extra room. I installed my blue Superfeet insoles in the Mirabella II as well, and the toe box depth still allowed some wiggle room.

Comfort: As I said, the Mirabella II is a generous medium width in the forefoot, so it’s great for those who might have found other Nike models too narrow for their feet. The Max Air cushioning is outstanding, and the heel collar is well padded so it never irritated my Achilles tendon. Though the Max Air cushioning also provided a bit of a higher ride in the heel, the forefoot was low to the ground for a performance ride.

The toe of my Mirabella II after about 30 hours of wear

The toe of my Mirabella II after about 30 hours of wear

In motion: This shoe is the choice of Serena, who isn’t too shabby in the footwork department. With a name like that playing in the Mirabella II, it’s safe to say that this Nike is made for the aggressive mover. I always felt safe with my movements, and I didn’t feel any need to hold back at any time, whether I was moving forward or backward. The sturdy midfoot shank ensured the shoe was at all times stable, and traction failed me not once.

Durability: I put about 30 hours on the XDR outsole on hard courts, and I just saw the area under the ball of the foot and medial edge start to go smooth. I’m quite impressed by the Mirabella II’s outsole durability. The toe durability, though, is another story. I tend to drag my foot on my left side, turning my foot over as I follow through with the backhand. The XDR material comes up a little bit, enough to protect against a toe drag on a serve perhaps. However, if you’re a toe dragger on groundstrokes, you might scratch up the upper pretty easily. The sheen on the shoe I wore (White/Lilac) made this more noticeable. In the end, I didn’t tear a hole in the shoe, so the shoe was holding up, but the scrape made the shoe look dirty.

Overall, this shoe is quite comfortable and pretty durable. I especially enjoyed the wider fitting forefoot of the Mirabella II, making it the most accessible Nike shoe for me to date. This is a shoe that I would be happy to pull on whether I’m headed out for an hour hit or tournament play.

Happy hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Gotta Want It Episode 4


Chris Edwards and Spencer Boller work on more doubles drills as they learn how to be better doubles players. This episode they work on consistency, moving as a team, correcting their forehand volleys and poaching. New Episodes post Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Follow them, as they get ready for their upcoming doubles tournament in Episode 4 of, Gotta Want It.

Click on the image to watch the video.