How to throw the perfect Wimbledon Party!

Wimbledon just happens to be my favorite Grand Slam. Maybe it’s the tradition, or the fact that it’s in the middle of summer, or that as long as I can remember, I’ve just been obsessed with the green grass and strawberries of cream. Long story short, the weather is warm, the tennis is hot and this year, I’m hosting a Wimbledon Party!

Photos by Cynthia Lum

Photos by Cynthia Lum

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What’s New: Sequen Vibration Dampeners

Sequen Vibration Dampeners

Looking to bring out your wild side on the tennis court?  Now you can with Sequen’s Safari Collection of vibration dampeners.  Choose between several different animal prints like tiger, leopard (in pink too!), giraffe, and a zebra to add some funky style to your racquet.  Not only do they look stylish but also reduce shock and vibrations.

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Top 10 most satisfying moments for a tennis player

Whether you’re just starting out in this wonderful sport or if you’re a touring pro, these are the moments we should all cherish as tennis players. In no particular order:

Hitting a target set up during serve practice
It could be a cone. It could be a pyramid of tennis balls. It could be your bag, but my personal favorite is just an empty tennis ball can. You know the feeling: you’re out there, hitting an entire basket of balls at one or two spots in the service box. Some shots come so close you want to just call it good, but then, finally, you hit a clean serve and *pop*, the can explodes into the air! Practice session complete.

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