New Balance Spring Big Brand Tennis Tank & Tee: Light, Soft and Comfortable

New Balance Women's Spring Big Brand Tank

New Balance Women’s Spring Big Brand Tank

I know, I know. Why would I pick a tank top as my Playtester Pick of the Week? What could be so special about a t-shirt? Well my friend, this isn’t just an ordinary tank top. No siree!

For starters, it’s a polyester shirt, so it’s super lightweight and wicks away moisture extremely well. Perfect for exercising in. Don’t just wear on the tennis court, take it to the gym to workout in too!

Though what makes this polyester top different is that it feels soft like a cotton top — it’s functional and comfortable. I should also mention that when I say comfortable, I’m not just talking about the softness of the material either. How it fits will have you feeling relaxed as ever. The shirt is long and loose at the waist, so no matter what your body type is, it’ll have a flattering fit.

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TW Pinterest: A Pintroduction

Allow me to introduce you to Pinterest. Or as I like to call it, get ready to be “Pinaugurated”! Not too long ago TW created their very own pinterest page, and if you have yet to see it I’d recommend you go check it out.

Don’t worry, if you’re unfamiliar with this so called “Pinterest” thing, I’ll fill you in. It’s essentially a website that allows you to organize all of your bookmarks from other sites. With the help of Pinterest, never again will you forget about a bookmark that got lost somewhere along your bookmark bar. Instead you can categorize your bookmarks (which are called “pins”) into different folders (which are known as “boards”). Not to mention Pinterest also integrated a social aspect to their site so you can browse other people’s bookmarks with similar interests. Finding new discoveries of things you love and keeping track of them has never been so easy!


Just in case you need a little bit of convincing before turning into a pinner, I summed up a few reasons why it should be in your best interest to pinterest.
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HelixTech Fabric: Athletic DNA’s High Performance Technology


In order to reach our highest level of tennis, we work hard for it. We somehow make time in our busy schedules to squeeze in a match. We play even if the conditions are unbearable outside, whether it be freezing or boiling. We play a few minutes longer, though we know it’ll make our bodies ache that much more tomorrow. We go through all these things to be the best we can be on the court, so why should we wear clothes that don’t match up to our level of performance?

Well, it’s time to meet your match. Allow me to introduce to you HelixTech, a fabric that performs as hard as you. It’s Athletic DNA’s latest technology and is featured in the new apparel collections.

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10 items to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Playing tennis on a full stomach isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially after a feast like Thanksgiving. To help ease the pain we put together a list of items that’ll help get you back on the court after feeling like a stuffed turkey.


1.  Lightweight Shoes: Your legs already feel like lead after the Thanksgiving meal, the last thing you want to do is put any more weight on your feet.

adidas adizero CC Feather II

Men’s adidas adizero CC Feather II

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Women's Shoe

Women’s Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour








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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The power of pink.

Just because Breast Cancer Awareness is only campaigned during the month of October, doesn’t mean you can’t wear Pink Ribbon clothes for the rest of the year to show your support! To kick off my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness outfit I chose the Under Armour Power in Pink Fighter Long-Sleeve. Especially since the weather is starting to cool down, I find myself wearing these comfy long-sleeve crews quite often. They’re perfect for chilly weather workouts. They keep your arms covered from the cold air and they’re not quite as heavy as sweatshirts so you can still move well. With this top in particular, I love the colorblocking raglan sleeves for a little extra style. The Nike Winter Racer Long Sleeve Top and tasc Fall 5K Long Sleeve Top are some notable ones with fun colorblocking to check out as well.

Pink Ribbon Tennis Outfit

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TW Fashion Week: From the runway to the tennis court.

Ladies rejoice! I am once and for all debunking the idea that athletic wear cannot be stylish. Yes, you read that right. With the last of the four major Fashion Weeks wrapping up in Paris on Wednesday, I couldn’t help but notice many similarities between items that Tennis Warehouse carries and items that were featured on the catwalk. Here, take a look for yourself! Show up to the courts in one of these outfits, and you’ll be the most up-to-date player of the latest fashion trends.


Fila / Rag & Bone

It’s almost as though Fila and Rag & Bone worked as partners together on their collections. That, or they’re experts in knowing what’s fashionable! Both used an almost identical pattern on their tops to create a sophisticated look.

Fila Fall Baseline Racer Tank

Fila Fall Baseline Racer Tank

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone (Photo: Marcus Tondo /









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New year, new things: Nike tennis updates apparel fit for 2013

Well, what do you know. It’s already that time again to say, “Goodbye old year and hellooo New Year!” As we welcome 2013, we also welcome all the new products it has to offer. Nike is already off to a great start in the apparel department with its recently released Nike Tennis 2013 Spring Collection. Not only are there great new colors and styles, but Nike also made some changes to the fit on a few women’s pieces.

The most notable difference being that Nike is now offering different lengths for a couple of skirts and pants. Yep, you read that right. Now you’ve got the power! The power to choose from either “regular” or “long” or “short” and pick which length suits you the best. One example is the Straight Knit Skort. Do you like longer or shorter? It’s up to you. Below are some more items you can choose that perfect length for you:
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2012 Gift Guide: Karly’s picks

As the time ticks away to find the perfect present, let’s take a look at some of our staff’s picks for the season. We asked them to pick a racquet, string, pair shoes, apparel piece and one “wild card” they would like to get as gift this year. Check out the entire Staff Picks. Below, Karly explains her choices.

Racquet: Wilson BLX Six.One Team

I’d like to say I’m not the clingy type, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to tennis racquets. I’m having the hardest time letting go of my Wilson nCode nTour. I mean, we’ve been through a lot together. It’s been there for me during the good times and the tough times. Although if there’s a racquet the nTour should be jealous of, it’s the Wilson Six.One Team. This is one racquet that has tempted me to make the switch! The Team is easier to swing, it’s softer on the arm and I get a great combination of power and control. In my opinion it’s a great all-around intermediate racquet that’s extremely easy to use.

String: Head IntelliTour

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s surprises (just ask Brittany, Jason, and Siobhan about the time they tried to persuade me to go through a haunted house). However, I will say that the Head IntelliTour string was an exception and came as a pleasant surprise. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to feel so soft! And not only was it softer than I expected, but it also offered good control, which isn’t usually the case for multifilament strings. A softer string that offers control? Now that’s what I call a great surprise!

Shoe: adidas adizero Tempaia II W (Pink)

You know that feeling you get when you put on a brand new pair of shoes? For about the first week or so you can’t stop staring down at them, almost as if checking to see if they’re still on your feet? Your walk has a little more pep in your step. You strut around with a whole new confidence because you’ve got new shoes and you look awesome.

That’s how I felt about the adidas Tempaia II shoes when I first put them on. Only that feeling hasn’t faded yet and I’ve been wearing them for three months now. It’s great! And not only do I move with confidence because they look good but, I can also move really well in them. They’re lightweight and stable — the perfect mix for great movement on the court. These shoes make you move great and look great. There’s not much more I could ask for from a pair of shoes!

Apparel: adidas Women’s Autumn Sequential Tank (Gold)

What are some perks of living in California you ask? Well, aside from The Beach Boys and Katy Perry writing songs about me, one benefit is not having to check the weather that often. 98.714 percent of the time (give or take) it’s sunny here on the Central Coast. I know that when I wake up in the morning, the sunshine is going to be radiating throughout the day, which brings me to one of the reasons why I chose this top. Growing up in the warm Southern California weather, I’m used to playing in tank tops. They’re what feels the most comfortable to play in to me. My most recent favorite tank is the adidas Autumn Sequential Tank, and I love how it looks on! It’s fitted at the chest, and long and loose at the waist. The racerback straps also leave my shoulders free of getting an attractive farmer’s tan. Not to mention I love the bright gold body – the cheery color will brighten anyone’s day!

Misc: Jelfin Tennis Ball Mouse

I’ve come to realize I’m the happiest when I’m playing tennis. Put a tennis ball in my hand and you’ll never see a smile wider than mine. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Jelfin Tennis Ball Mouse for the first time. Think you’ll catch me with a frown on my face when working at my desk with this mouse? Guess again. How can you not smile when you see this?!

Head Women’s Fall Action Tank

Head Women's Fall Action Tank


Head Women’s Fall Action Tank
Grey Heather ($21.99)

Head Women’s Fall Action Tank
Green Heather ($21.99)

Head Women’s Fall Action Tank
Purple Heather ($21.99)

Head Women’s Fall Action Tank
Neon Yellow ($21.99)

Tanks of the Summer

What?! It’s already the almost the end of September? That can’t be right. Time hasn’t flown by this fast since Michael J. Fox hopped into that car of his back in 1985!

As summer comes closer to an end (and I try to figure out where the time went), it means it’s our last chance to take in some of that prime sunshine and get our tans on before the cooler weather sets in. To help with that, here are some of the most notable tanks of the summer.

Lija Virtual Infinity Tank

Lija Virtual Infinity Tank

The first one to kick off the list is the Lija Women’s Virtual Infinity Tank. If you haven’t had the chance to feel how soft Lija fabric is before, I feel sorry for you. Just kidding, but I do recommend that you run, not walk, to the nearest place that carries Lija apparel so you can feel just how soft the material is. And it goes without saying, with Lija not only does it feel great, it’ll make you look great as well.

Nike Women's Autumn Border Strappy Tank

Next up for the most notable tanks is the Nike Border Strappy Tank. This one cries out, “Turn me into a tan goddess!” The thin T-back spaghetti straps are ideal for getting rid of any embarrassing farmer’s tan you may have. Not to mention this top has a ton of different color options! And by a ton, I mean there are so many different choices that even the most decisive people will experience a hint of panic. Though there’s no need to worry since any color you decide on is a cute choice.

adidas Fall Sequential Tank


We all love tops that make us feel attractive, modern and comfortable. So it’s no surprise when I say that the adidas Women’s Fall Sequential Tank fits in that categroy. It’s fashionable and practical. It’s athletic while stylish. The built-in bra gives you that extra support for high intensity workouts, while the longer, looser fitting torso makes it comfortable to stay relaxed in. Essentially, the adidas Fall Sequential Tank has it all!


For the guys who are looking for a lightweight tank to help them in the tanning department, look no further! The Under Armour Men’s coldblack Sleeveless Top is what you need. Not only will this top make it easier for you to work on browning those arms, its coldblack technology reflects the heat to keep you cool and protected. You could say this top comes with that cherry on top.

Under Armour coldblack Sleeveless Top

It’s no secret Puma makes great quality items and the Puma Men’s Fall Sleeveless Crew is no exception! This edgy top was meant to make your arms shine. The cut of the shoulders are closer to the neck, giving you more range of motion and less room for an embarrassing farmer’s tan.

Puma Fall Sleeveless Crew

So quick! Grab these tanks and get out there and enjoy that warm sunshine before it’s gone!