Quick Review: Superfeet Premium Carbon Insoles

Superfeet is already one of our favorite go-tos when it comes to finding a comfortable insole that adds support. Then we saw this new Superfeet Premium Carbon Insole, and we were really blown away!


This Carbon insole is thinner and lighter than you can imagine. Ensuring that there is very little added weight to whatever shoe you put it in — Superfeet is saying that this is the most innovative product that they have created in 35 years! This insole combines the strength of carbon fiber with a polymer to create a supportive memory material. Strength and support have not been sacrificed here. This low-profile insole is versatile in shape and offers high performance in a wide range of tight-fitting shoes.



Here’s a quick break down of what makes this insole so great:

  • Carbon fiber-reinforced cap to provide structure and support
  • Perforations under midfoot and forefoot to reduce weight without sacrificing comfort
  • Lightweight, durable foam that is ideal for long lasting comfort
  • Beveled foam edge for an improved fit
  • All natural coating that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria

If you are someone that is looking for some added support from an insole, try these out! You won’t be disappointed!

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Sneak Peek…The New Prince String Line…(WOW!)

Disclaimer: it’s not every day that one of our great American tennis brands revamps its string line. So please forgive us in advance if we seem a little excited.

From comfortable and powerful multifilaments to crisp and spin-friendly co-polys, the 2014 Prince string line has something for everyone. Let’s take a brief tour of their offerings.

The Premier Series – Multifilaments

Prince Premier Series

Prince’s Premier line of strings features three very tendon-friendly multifilaments loaded with pop. Offering three distinct levels of firmness and playability, the Premier line gives the multifilament player the ability to select the one with just the right feel. Premier Touch, the softest of the bunch, features a very innovative ribbon core which is designed to have the responsiveness of natural gut. This new offering comes in three gauges, including 15L(!), which should please anyone who wants a side of durability and directional control with their comfort and power. As with the very unique Isospeed and Head ribbon technology strings, this one has an almost unbelievable level of vibration dampening (which makes it the perfect match for today’s lighter, stiffer frames). Coming in slightly firmer is Premier Power which updates Premier LT and continues to offer exceptional comfort. This update features an army of shock absorbing fibers wrapped in high density nylon filaments for improved durability. Finally, we have the firmest member of the Premier clan, Premier Control. Like the string it replaces, Premier Attack, this one features a stiff tri-core center wrapped in velvety soft nylon filaments. The result is a comfortably firm feel delivering near poly-like control without taxing the tendons like a traditional monofilament.
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Semifinals in Laguna Niguel!

Fabian Matthews and I teamed up again for the Laguna Niguel Pro Classic. In the first round we played the number 3 seeds, the pair of Moreno and Ramirez from Mexico. Fabian and I got off up a rocky start and found ourselves down 3-1 early. We managed to weather the storm however and won the first set 6-4. In the second set we broke early, gave the break back, and then broke again and held serve comfortably after that to win the match 6-4 6-3.

In our quarterfinal match on Wednesday we were set to play Friedman and Rollins. We got off to a flyer and never looked back. We cruised to a 6-0 6-1 victory.

Today we play against a familiar face. My partner from last week, Keith Crowley and his partner Ashwin Vijayragavan are our opponents in the semifinals. I’ll update you tomorrow.