My Wimbledon Perspective

Not sure what happened yesterday, but it seems that some serious injuries were forcing these players to not play. Rumors were going around Wimbledon that the grass courts could be the reason, but Richard Lewis, CEO of the All England Club, published a statement regarding this subject.

“The court preparation has been to exactly the same meticulous standard as in previous years and it is well known that grass surfaces tend to be more lush at the start of an event. The factual evidence, which is independently checked, is that the courts are almost identical to last year, as dry and firm as they should be, and we expect them to continue to play to their usual high quality.”

Richard Lewis, Chief Executive
The All England Club

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Wild and Wacky Wednesday at Wimbledon!

I woke up early this morning excited to turn on Wimbledon and watch some live tennis. I quickly started hearing about all of the weird injuries and retirements of the day. Little did I know that the day to follow would quickly be one of the most epic days at Wimbledon and tennis history.


Photos by Cynthia Lum

As Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” is playing in my head, let’s re-cap what actually happened today at the All England Club.
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Sightseeing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem!

Sightseeing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem!

My flight out of Israel was on Sunday afternoon, so I decided to take the day off and do some traveling and sightseeing. I rented a car and got an early start on Saturday morning.

I decided to head first for the Dead Sea. Due to Shabbat, Saturdays in Israel are extremely quiet, so thankfully traffic was not an issue. I passed through the outskirts of Tel Aviv, a big city with a surprising number of high rises. I then made my way south, passing by signs for Jerusalem and Ashdod. The terrain was drastically changing, transforming initially from the chaos of the city to the deep greens of the farmlands and finally within an hour and a half I was surrounded by a dry and barren desert. The signs warned against potential camel crossings, which I thought was hilarious, but it wasn’t long before I saw my first caravan of camels (yes, I looked that up) sauntering aimlessly along the side of the road. The camels seemed peculiarly foreign to me and I almost had to pinch myself for a second to remind myself where I was.

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