What’s new: Strings and more

The big splash for new products this week comes from adidas with a slew of new shoes and apparel. If you love, bright colors, adidas does bright colors. Check out the full range of color on the men’s and women’s adidas pages. But adidas is splashed across our home page as seen above. Here’s a chance to look at what else is new this week.

The popularity of black strings continues to grow. Kirschbaum’s Spiky Shark now also comes in black. If you didn’t know, Kirschbaum prestretches its poly strings, helping maintain tension for longer. Big hitters who love to rip the ball with spin can take full advantage of the bite this eight-edged string offers. It comes in both 16 and 17 gauge sets and 16 and 17 gauge 660-foot reels.

Luxilon fans who want to try some of the newest strings in the line should check out the latest Luxilon trial pack. In the Rising Star Trial Pack, you’ll get a single set each of Savage Black 16, Savage Lime 16, Adrenaline 16L and Adrenaline Rough 16L. That’s four sets of string for $32. Bought separately the string sets would set you back $45.80. This is a nice way to save some dough and try a variety of new strings.

When it rains, it pours, but this time that’s a good thing. Gamma, too, has some new strings. Gamma is offering two new prepackaged hybrid sets. Gamma Zo Verve/TNT2 is a great combination of control, spin and playability. Zo Verve is a co-poly that will offer plenty of spin and control, while TNT2 provides a softer response and feel to balance the hybrid. The other is called Gamma Zo Dart 16/XP 17 Hybrid. This combo will let you have plenty of spin on big shots and plenty of touch when needed. All court players should take a look at this one.

Tail Hard Court Melodic Tank with the Carina Skort

adidas isn’t the only brand out with new apparel groups. Tail and Quiksilver have some new apparel, too. First up, the Tail Hard Court Group is summer ready with bright colors and summer whites to keep you cool. Lime makes another appearance, under the name Electric Green in the Tail Hard Court Group. A great feature of Tail’s skorts are the built-in ball pockets on the inner shorts. Not many brands offer this feature.


Quiksilver Extension Short

Quiksilver has a Fall Group that’s full of great items for training on or off the court. This surf brand brings its vibe into tennis/training gear. This is best showcased in the Extension Short, a great mix of board short and tennis short. There are pocket and mesh inner legs for storage and ventilation, but it has a four-way stretch board short material and board short waistband.

Last up this week is the Australian Open 2012 Final DVD featuring Djokovic and Nadal. What a perfect way to rev up the excitement level for Wimbledon! Not that your excitement level isn’t already high for the upcoming grass Slam, but this 2012 final from Down Under is an epic battle of five sets.

That’s it for now. Hope you’re having a great tennis weekend!

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Get served

Tsonga rocking the adidoes tee

Tsonga rocking the ADI DOES. tee

I’m not usually a fan of the print graphic tees, but every once in a while I eat my words. Or wear them. Hold her back, the jokes are out of control. But really, I think this goes with the theme. You need a bit of an attitude to wear these bold statement t-shirts and you need attitude to beat your opponents – and there’s nothing like giving yourself an edge with your on-court demeanor.

Nike Men’s You’ve Been Served T-Shirt is the shirt for a boss. I love this shirt (there is a women’s version too), because the message is simple. You’re going to dominate and work your hardest out on court because, in this tee, hard work is expected. You’ve been served.

Nike Men's You've Been Served T-Shirt

Nike Men's You've Been Served T-Shirt

The adidas Men’s Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt comes in two colors and brings the heat. The screen prints on the chest and left sleeve project confidence, and it fits comfortably. ADI does. Do you? Yes. Just say yes. Also, check out the pics we have of Tsonga (see above) and Murray rocking this shirt at practice.

adidas Men's Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt

adidas Men's Summer ADI DOES T-Shirt

Check out the rest of our teeshirt collection here and keep an eye out for more print tees.





Knit versus woven. Do you know the difference?

Are you like me and ever find yourself asking questions like, “What’s the difference between salted and unsalted butter?” or “Isn’t the ‘Blue Green’ crayon the same as the ‘Green Blue’ one? So really, the 24 box of crayons should be changed to 23 crayons?” We know these things are different, but sometimes have a hard time distinguishing those main differences. Tomato, Tomahto.

A frequently asked question in the world of tennis apparel is, “What’s the difference between knit and woven?” Which can be pretty important to know when browsing through all the different shorts, skirts, and jackets labeled as either “knit” or “woven.”

Knit vs. Woven

Now some people reading this may say that there is an obvious difference between “Blue Green” and “Green Blue,” just like the tennis players who know the difference between the two types of fabric. When I first started working at TW, I was not one of those players and couldn’t tell you which clothing piece was which. But after learning the tricks of the trade, one might say I am now a Knit-Woven Master (if only I could say the same thing for acronyms). I can tell the difference between knit and woven from across a room. Blindfolded on a good day.

Today I am passing that knowledge off to you! Like the name, knit apparel is formed by (whaddaya know) knitting — in other terms, interlocking loops of fabric together. This technique allows the finished product to be stretchier because of the loops. If you were to pull the fabric in different directions, the cloth will stretch to your movement. In its basic form, woven apparel on the other hand is interlaced tightly together by threads passing in one direction, making them not as stretchy. (There are more technical woven fabrics designed with two-way stretch or four-way stretch.)

I wish I could describe the difference in one word for simplicity, but unfortunately it probably wouldn’t make any sense. So I’ll also lay out the differences in a list to keep the explanation simple.


All in all, knit is generally designed for comfort and woven is more of a performance based fabric to wick away moisture better.

You also might be surprised when I say I wasn’t kidding about telling the difference between the two fabrics blindfolded. It’s true, I can do it. I’ll let you in on my little secret: Woven is usually noisier if you rub the fabric together. Since knit is softer and more elastic it doesn’t make as much sound as woven fabrics.

Pass on this secret to your friends! Or if you don’t, make ‘em think you’re a Knit-Woven Master, too, when you can tell the difference blindfolded.