Save vs Splurge

I am one of those girls that enjoys shopping.  I have days where I am on a mission to find the best deals and lowest prices on everything and anything.  Then there are the days that I just want to go all out and buy the cream of the crop.  Luckily at Tennis Warehouse, I can have my cake and eat it too!

Jet Tote in Reptilian Rose vs Court Couture in Dusty Rose Daisy

Bags are a prime example of this. The Jet Tote Bag in Reptilian Rose is a super stylish bag that can hold a couple of racquets, plenty of pockets and compartments, and comes with a matching cosmetic case.  You can buy it for $67.99.  When I want to dish out a little bit more cash, I head towards Court Couture.  These highly fashionable bags are top quality with plenty of pockets, a large compartment to hold a lap top, and a separate cosmetics case.  Get the Court Couture Cassanova Bag in Dusty Rose Daisy for $209.00.

Nike Border Dress II vs Eliza Audley Baby Doll Dress

Every girl needs a little black and white dress, even out on the tennis court.  Nike’s Basic Border Dress II comes in at a budget friendly price of $70.00 and features contrast border details, built in shelf bra, and mesh panels for ventilation.  On the other side, the Eliza Audley Baby Doll Dress steps up the fashion with a pleated body and cute straps that form a racer back.  Your splurge is worth every penny with this high quality dress at $150.00.

adidas Barricade Team 2 vs adidas Barricade 7

I can’t forget about shoes!  Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?  And this season, it is all about standing out with color.  adidas shows how it is done with their budget conscious  adidas Barricade Team 2 in prime ink blue and red.  The comfort-oriented and lightweight model comes in at $74.95.  When you’re looking for a high performance tennis shoe that you will get your money’s worth, the Barricade Team 2′s big sister, the adidas Barricade 7 in prime ink blue and red is the perfect example.  Loaded with all the latest technologies and featuring a six month durability guarantee, the adidas Barricade 7 comes in at $119.95. Both shoes are miCoach compatible.

Wilson BLX Envy vs Wilson BLX Juice 100

I’m rounding out my blog and saving the best for last with racquets.  You can’t play tennis without a racquet, right?!  Well, Wilson has lots of “more bang for your buck” racquets including the new Wilson BLX Envy coming in at $99.00.  A lightweight racquet armed with some BLX technologies, this racquet is perfect for a beginner to intermediate player.  When looking for a top notch racquet, the Wilson BLX Juice 100 is the perfect splurge.  Top professional players Victoria Azarenka and Feliciano Lopez sport this racquet out on the stadium court.  A powerful and maneuverable racquet, the Juice puts you back $189.00.

So what are you feeling like doing today, saving or splurging?

Ad Out,

Why you need it: Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

There’s a saying we use around here that I’m fairly certain originated at TW, and it’s, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Profound. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

That saying basically sums up our feelings on the Prince NEOS 1000. This stringing machine has been around for more than 15 years, and it’s the only machine we use at Tennis Warehouse. It’s tried and true. It’s an oldie but goodie.

Nowadays, it can be overwhelming with so many different options and price ranges to choose from: starting from a couple hundred dollar drop weight to a machine that costs nearly $4,000 in the Prince 6000. Machines have come and gone, but yet, we stay committed to the NEOS 1000. And here’s why.

- Durability. There are no power cords, computers, motors or thing-a-mabobs on this machine that’ll easily break down. The entire machine is almost entirely constructed from metal and aluminum.

- Maintenance. Keeping these machines in tip-top stringing shape doesn’t take much work. If the few moving parts do break and need to be changed out, they are cheap to buy and easy to replace. Besides tuning the tensioner after 14-18 string jobs, the only other regular maintenance would be a terry cloth and rubbing alcohol.

- Consistency. Whether you’re stringing for yourself or stringing for the best tennis customers in the world (yeah, that’s you, and, yes, I’m pandering), the results needs to be consistent. And that’s what this machine delivers.

- Ease of use. The actual stringing may take you hours to master, but mounting of the racquet and set up is easy. There’s two clamps, a lock bar and the tensioner. Can’t get much easier than that.

Sure, this machine might not be for everyone. I’ll admit to that. It might be too expensive or maybe you really want a constant pull machine with all the bells and whistles. But know that with the Prince NEOS 1000 you’ll get a solid, reliable stringing machine that’ll last for years.

And if you still don’t know which machine you want, check out this comparison chart.


Jason, TW

‘RAFA’: A look into the mind of a champion

Rafa's new autobiography is a great read for all tennis fans!

Tennis fans have been blessed in recent years with great autobiographies that give insight into the minds and lives of some of the biggest stars in the game over the past 15 years.  We’ve had excellent books from Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, both different in style, but giving us an interesting glimpse into the life and times of the two legends of the ’90s.  James Blake’s book also depicts a unique tennis story: coming through the Ivy League at Harvard University, making it on the tour, suffering incredible setbacks, and finally reaching the level of the game’s elite again. Rafael Nadal is the next tennis superstar to grace us with an in-depth look into the internal make-up of a tennis champion. Just like the books that preceded it, this is a great read for all you tennis fans out there!

The coolest part of Rafa is that it gives us great insight into the mind of arguably the most mentally tough tennis player in the history of the game. I think all tennis fans can agree that it’s Rafa’s unique mental make-up and unbelievable work ethic and determination that have vaulted him to the top of the men’s game. The book discusses the different techniques Uncle Toni used early on in Rafa’s development that have made him a humble and hungry champion. It talks about the family environment he was raised in on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca that bred Rafa’s unique focus and drive. With humility and respect being preached on the home front, Uncle Toni engrained in Rafa a simple path he had to follow to become a champion. Through hard work, humility and perseverance, anything is possible.

Rafa in action in Indian Wells

It was the unique upbringing and values that were instilled in Rafa at home on the island of Mallorca that created the champion that he is today. He burst onto the ATP tour as a young teenager, running around the clay like a raging bull, out-fighting his opponents, simply wanting to win more than they did. It was more the hatred of defeat than the thrill of victory that motivated Rafa to push himself to his limits every match. With unprecedented focus and mental toughness, he fought his way to his first French Open crown in 2005 as a 19-year-old. He was the first teenage Grand Slam champion since 1990 when Pete Sampras won the US Open at the same age, and the second male player to win the French Open on his first attempt (the only other was Mats Wilander in 1982).

With great success comes great challenges. The book does a great job discussing the struggles that the young Nadal faced learning to win on all surfaces, not just the red clay he was accustomed to. He was the king of the dirt, but he had to develop his serve and learn to be more offensive from the baseline to be able to win on all surfaces and become the world’s best. Through hard work, constant tinkering of his game and countless setbacks, he learned how to fight even harder and succeed first on the grass at Wimbledon and then finally on the hard courts at the Australian and US Opens. The historic 2008 Wimbledon Final is well-documented throughout the book, where Nadal was able to stave off the comeback from Roger Federer and finally dethrone the Wimbledon legend 9-7 in the fifth set in one of the greatest matches ever played. Rafa discusses how much that title meant to him, and how it has always been his dream as a young kid was to hoist the trophy and be crowned the Wimbledon champion.

Rafa winning one of his seven French Open championships

As a fellow professional tennis player myself, I could relate to a lot of the ups and downs that Rafa faced on his road to the top. Though I never reached the heights that he did, it was still very interesting to see how Rafa dealt with the big wins, the tough losses, the numerous injuries and personal setbacks that every tennis player encounters in his career.  He even gives great insight into the in-match obstacles that he faced, like failing to convert his match point in the 2008 Wimbledon final in the fourth set tiebreak, and rebounding to the fifth set and the title like nothing ever happened. I learned a lot that I could relate to my own game (and life for that matter) in terms of the techniques that Rafa uses and how he stays mentally strong to stay focused and driven on and off the court.

In Rafa’s mind, it’s these things that make him the player and champion that he is today.  His focus and determination day in and day out fuel both his incredible work ethic off the court and his mental toughness on the court to make him one of the greatest players to ever step on the tennis court.  His autobiography is a great look inside this unique mind, and is so interesting for tennis fans and players to see just how the brain of this incredible champion works. Rafa is up there with Agassi’s book and Blake’s book as a must-read for all you Nadal fans, or any tennis fans for that matter, who want to see just what the great Spanish Bull is all about.

Thanks for reading,