Old school is always in style

So I was perusing our blog page and saw that a while back Tiffani wrote a blog about retro men’s tennis apparel. And I thought what about the women? Brands such as adidas, Lacoste, Wilson and Fila have all thrown some old-school style in their current line-ups from apparel to accessories to shoes.

adidas rocks its retro logo on their tees in their new training collection. Check out the adidas Women’s Crosses Trefoil Tee and adidas Tennis Trefoil Tee for a retro style on or off the court. The white tees have a big pops of color that stand out from the crowd.

Lacoste stays true to its heritage with its women’s spring collection. Almost every piece has some retro flair. From the classic ball pattern on the polo and dress to the pleats on the tennis skirt, Lacoste is the epitome of classic style. Another tennis staple that never goes out of style is the Lacoste Women’s Spring V-Neck Sweater. It is perfect layering piece for a cool day of tennis. Lacoste didn’t forget about accessories. Complete your old-school look with a headband featuring its classic Croc logo in white or pink.

Fila always seem to work in some retro style into different pieces of its collections. My favorite piece is the Fila Women’s ’12 Essenza Cotton Borg Jacket. It is available in a variety of colors including pink, light blue, navy and black. The style is styled after a jacket that Bjorn Borg wore but has a feminine fit. It can be thrown on after a tough match to keep you warm so you can keep looking cool. Keeping with the old-school flair, Fila has headbands and wristbands featuring the classic red, navy and tan colorway similar to the ones that Borg would wear.

Lastly, Wilson shows its love for the classics with shoes. This year Wilson released two new shoes, the Wilson Pro Staff Classic Supreme and Wilson Pro Staff Classic II. While these shoes may look retro, they are performance shoes for the tennis court. We even did a playtest on the Wilson Pro Staff Classic Supreme (check it out here).  It’s a perfect shoe for those that like to wear their shoes both on and off the court.

While many people are about wearing the newest fashion, some like to still rock the old-school look and these brands allow them to do it.

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Choose your backpack: Top 5

Since I am the bag lady (check out my most recent bag videos on the TW Youtube Channel) I thought it would be cool to compile some of the backpacks that I have come across in the last couple months that I liked the most. There’s nothing like tossing everything you need in your backpack and heading off to the court. The best thing about these bags? You can take them anywhere. In no particular order, here are my top 5:

Head Djokovic Series Tennis Back Pack Bag

Head Djokovic Series Tennis Back Pack Bag

I really like that this is from the Djokovic Series (he’s my ‘it’ man right now), and that it has a sleek visual design. It has a main compartment has built-in, ventilated shoe pocket on the bottom of the bag, a back racquet compartment (up to 3 racquets), small side mesh pocket and a small front zippered accessories pocket. Padded, adjustable backpack straps also have a small stabilizing, adjustable strap across the chest. Easy to carry and comfortable, all in one.



Babolat Team Line Back Pack in Blue

Babolat Team Line Back Pack in blue

Babolat Team Line Back Pack

The best thing? It comes in blue, black, red & French Open colors. It has a large main compartment, a back racquet compartment (up to 2 racquets), a small accessories pocket near the top grab handle and two side zippered compartments. It also uniquely has a customization feature for embroidery and photo that can be done online at the Babolat website. The perfect tennis backpack from the perfect tennis brand.



Prince Carbon Back Pack Bag

Prince Carbon Back Pack Bag

Prince Carbon Back Pack bag

For style, look no further. My favorite bag (already blogged about it once): compact, classic and sleek. It has a back compartment (up to 2 racquets), another main compartment, a smaller front pocket and two larger side pockets for shoes or other items. The black with touches of green on the logo and zips make this a bag that will look good wherever you take it. It’s also the perfect size – with room, but not bulky, which I love.



Athletic DNA Backpack

Athletic DNA Backpack

Athletic DNA Backpack

If you like being organized, this is the bag for you hands down. Again, hit it off with the black colorway for a sleek look. It has a main compartment has a laptop pocket with Velcro fastener, another main compartment (up to 3 racquets), a ventilated shoe bag that connects through the bottom of the backpack, mesh side pocket, a smaller front compartment has a lot of accessories pockets and key clip. There are two mesh pockets on each side, as well as another small accessories pocket hidden by the grab handle on the top of the bag.


Wilson Federer Back Pack Bag

Wilson Federer Back Pack Bag

Wilson Federer Back Pack Bag

Love the traditional coloring of the Wilson red, black and white on this bag. It has a large main compartment, a back racquet compartment (2 racquets), two smaller front accessory pockets, and two small zipped side pockets. I also really like the shape of this bag, and how it isn’t too bulky on your back when you carry it. Look like a tennis player.






Get that weight off your shoulders

Stress. Just looking at that word makes me panic. I do everything in my power to avoid it. Though unfortunately there are times when it gets the best of me and even some of my favorite things can’t cheer me up. It’s code red when I don’t have the slightest interest in watching a Gasquet match. When that happens, I’ve got to find someway to get out of my stress funk, and I’ve got to do it fast. So to fight it, I turn to my greatest weapon: exercise. The almighty endorphin-booster. Ask me for a long, grueling hitting session? Count me in. A rigorous run in the heat? Yes. A four-hour spin class? Sure, why not. I’ll sign up for anything to get that weight off my shoulders. Literally. Which means I also look to wear the most lightweight outfit I can find when working out, and recently it’s mesh.

adidas Women’s Summer Varsity Tank

The full-body mesh adidas Women’s Summer Varsity Tank will help lessen the load. It’s so lightweight that if you were to put it on a scale, I wouldn’t be surprised if the weight showed up in the negative digits. And whether you decide to go with the dark color option of black with ultra pop or super pink with a twist of prime green, the open armholes allow you to take full swings at stress.

Nike Women's Summer Modern Sport Mesh Tank

Or when a nasty heat wave strikes and wearing a bathing suit to workout in isn’t an option, the Nike Women’s Summer Modern Mesh Tank will make you forget you’re even wearing anything. We offer it in a blue that’ll be sure to help calm the nerves.

adidas Men's Summer Clima Speed Crew

Guys, there are a few different options to help you feel lighter than ever too. For the days when you think you’ve walked into an oven, when in reality it’s just outside, there’s the adidas Men’s Summer Clima Speed Crew. The entire top is made of mesh, making it feel as if you could float away. It comes in three different colors: dark grey, bright yellow and green that’s worthy of a risk-taker.

Though if that crew isn’t light enough, give the adidas Men’s Summer Clima Speed Sleeveless Top a try. It’s the same material and style as the Clima Speed Crew; the only difference is that it doesn’t come with sleeves, freeing your arms from the stresses of constricting fabric.

adidas Men's Summer Clima Speed Sleeveless Top

So when you have a hard time wanting to watch your favorite tennis player compete too, suit up in one of these tops and join me in the fight against stress!